Fico Fachriza: I Was Named The Strongest Smoking Gorilla Tobacco : Okezone Celebrity

CONFESSION shocking information about drug use was revealed by Fico Fachriza. It turns out that he has not only used drugs once and the type of drug used by this comic is called a ‘god’ level.

Quoted from YouTube, Fico Fachriza once made a video “Draw My Life” in 2017 about his life using drugs. Here’s the full story.

“One day after deciding to quit something that we consider negative and we usually do, I’m sure the next day there will still be a thought or action temptation to do it again. I can make many videos on this concept 1 day after quitting smoking, stop staying up late, I stopped doing a lot of unhealthy lifestyles and I chose to make a video 1 day after I quit drugs.”

“I will withdraw to the school period, we will take it to the junior high school period, how people live worthy of having a house, car and enough money,” he said.

He also struggled to get it all by plunging into the world of entertainment. Yes, Fico registered in the comics event and succeeded in becoming the champion.

From that, he was wallowing in wealth at his still unstable age. Fico was very aware of it.

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“In the entertainment world, everything is easy money, nothing is difficult, time passes very quickly, I live my life with my dream (have everything).”

“This is where my mistake started, at my age, which is still unstable with an inflated account, I don’t know what else to do, I used to play PS in rentals, when I had my own PS playing at home wasn’t as fun as in rentals.”

He continued, “Then a friend came in 2015 (offering) there was a new type of tobacco called gorilla tobacco. Everything was normal, he didn’t come as a seller either, there was no sign of gloom at that time, he just came and said do you know marijuana? the effect is faster than marijuana. My friend said you are good at sucking 3 times you don’t vomit.”

It turned out that Fico was tempted to try out that type of drug. Of course he never imagined what kind of effect it would have.

“This is a problem for people who have big egos, can’t be calm if challenged a little, I immediately agreed and tried. After 3 suctions I got dizzy and didn’t vomit, tried 2 sucks and then vomited, there were others who also tried to be in a trance, and other effects , and I was named the strongest smoking gorilla tobacco,” he said.

Because he feels good and can enjoy life, Fico finally becomes diligent in buying gorilla tobacco every day. He spent Rp. 350 thousand. Because he needs two plastic bags a day, he can buy gorilla tobacco for around Rp. 700 thousand a day.

“Then every day I bought the tobacco from Rp. 350 thousand per bag. Then the dose went up to 2 bags per day, then it went up again and I was already immune to gorilla tobacco, it only gave me a slight dizzy effect. I’m quite happy, it seems this will soon be ends because the effects have started to wear off,” he explained.

However, this man who was born did not expect that there are more upgraded types of tobacco. You could say this tobacco is god-level which gives more effect.

“What I didn’t expect was that they upgraded the type of tobacco, from the monkey king, the gorilla, to a god called hanoman tobacco. It feels more pressing but I like it.”

“Every time I use it, I’m like an idiot, dumbfounded and what I realize is that it’s appropriate for stupid people to not be called because stupid people become delicious,” he said.

Feeling comfortable and comfortable, Fico consumed the illicit goods for a year and felt safe. Especially from legal entanglement, because at that time there was no law on gorilla tobacco.

“I use it for a year, it’s safe, there is no law,” he concluded.

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Fico Fachriza: I Was Named The Strongest Smoking Gorilla Tobacco : Okezone Celebrity

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