Geneva, the “professor” of “The legacy”: “What a great emotion my debut at the theater”

The old year gave her a gift: a new love. The one just started gave him another one: the first time on a stage. And a red thread – or rather, a ribbon – binds them together. Reason for which, Geneva Pisani, 23, Neapolitan, can only comment: “It’s all beautiful.” The new love is called Alessio Vassallo, established Palermo actor of theater, cinema and TV; the debut is entitled “The telephone concession” by Andrea Camilleri, directed by Giuseppe Dipasquale, a successful “premiere” the other night at the Biondo in Palermo, a production of the Citizen Stable. Already a “professor” of “The inheritance” on Ra1, a former suitor of “Men and women” on Canale 5, already a model since adolescence, Ginevra, when the curtain fell, received her first applause as an actress.

What emotion was it?

“A smile of happiness that I think stayed on my face all night.”

They also made her a surprise …

«I wanted no one among family and friends to be present at the debut. Then Francesca appeared in the dressing room, her longtime friend, who had arrived from Naples. Happiness has doubled. “

Let’s dispel the malice on the “first actor’s girlfriend”.

«Alessio had told me about his new theatrical commitment, a part that he had already played in the film of the same name by Ra1. In Palermo they were looking for a young interpreter for the role of Lillina. He told me; “Introduce yourself, do the audition.” So I did, like others ».

The world of theater was unknown to her.

“Who knew that reading the script all together is called a” desk test “? Then, after reading and rereading the text, a month of intense training, giving face and voice through my colleagues to the various characters, building mine in the details of the gestures and tones, guided by the director and the advice of those who do this job for years”.

Any prejudice for the debutante who came from TV?

“In the beginning maybe there were. Then they understood that I was here with humility, to learn ».

From “teacher” of «L’eredità» to student. Was Vassallo a severe teacher?

“I confess that at first the scenes with him intimidated me. But I, as we say in Naples, are “face ‘and cuorno”. And then on the scene we are professionals, outside we are only in love ».

Does the stage cost more effort than television?

«I face everything with the same commitment, even when I was a young girl on photo shoots. It may seem that “L’eredità” is easy, just the good looks, the ease, to say those two phrases well and instead behind that hour of entertainment there is a great job ».

Did Flavio Insinna show up?

«I hear Flavio every day. From the first day of rehearsals he called me: “how are you?”, “How are you?”. Shortly before I left for Palermo he gave me a book that he always keeps in his dressing room. And he gave me valuable advice: “While you are reciting do not criticize yourself, do it only after the curtain closes” ».

Did you follow the advice?

“Certain. When the curtain closed I screamed, “I did it!”. And to the thanks, when the lights in the room are turned on, to see all those people in the stalls, on the boxes, in the gallery… ».

Tell us about Geneva away from the spotlight.

«Naples, middle-class family, a merchant father, a policewoman mother, an older brother, Pierluigi, and a younger sister, Lucrezia. Nothing could be further from the world of entertainment ».

She was stubborn then.

“Yes, very determined. At 14, I sent the application for the first photo shoot. Mom didn’t want to, she wanted to protect me from disappointments. But I’ve always taken everything seriously. By will, certainly not because I felt more beautiful than others ».

Did this also come to “Men and Women”?

«Yes, I signed up without saying anything to anyone. I watched the program on TV as a young girl, when I came home from high school. They summoned me to Rome the same day as the final exams. I asked for an extension ».

Galeotta was Maria De Filippi, there she met her first love.

“My first true story. Until then, only filarini, flirting for two weeks. For Claudio I did everything but I do not deny anything, it was an important chapter in my life. It ended because I left him, I was not even 21 but there has never been an age problem between us, in life I have always put myself in relationship with people more mature than me: I realized, however, that love not enough, you have to be in tune with many other things. It was a choice of awareness. And until yesterday I didn’t want any more stories ».

Until Vassallo arrived …

“We met on social media and it was only a virtual relationship for two months: he was on the set of a film outside Rome, I was in Rome doing TV. But the phone calls were becoming more frequent and longer. We fell in love with our heads even before seeing each other ».

On his Instagram profile he wrote that the one at the “Legacy” was not a farewell but a goodbye. We will see her again in the Dear TV studios then.

«Sure, I want to go back once fiThe theatrical tour is over: that’s my family, I’ve been living there for three years, I miss it, from Flavio to the last of the toolmakers ».

And a new role in the theater?

“Who knows, sometimes we talk about it, in company, in the dinners after the show. Even with the director. We would like to stage “There is mail for you”, the film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan ».

Vassallo would be his Tom Hanks.

“I don’t know this, we should ask him.”

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Geneva, the “professor” of “The legacy”: “What a great emotion my debut at the theater”

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