Get acquainted with Millie the Barista in the Original Series “You’re Beautiful” Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Vision+ Original Series Cantik Ya Kamu, a romantic-comedy series that carries the theme of femininity and the struggles of modern women with a story centered on three women with the problems of their respective lives who are relatable to real life.

One of the main characters is Millie, a Q-Grader barista and owner of a coffee shop that is often used as a meeting place for Langi, Bea and Millie. Millie’s character is very different from her two best friends and has a background that is no less unique than her friends.


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What is Millie’s character like? Here’s the review.

1. A firm woman

One day the famous model Rendy visited Millie’s coffeeshop. After being asked by Millie if the coffee is good, she criticizes the taste of the coffee so that Millie gets annoyed and is mean to her. When Rendy asked if he could make his own coffee the next day, Millie answered curtly.

From this it can be seen that Millie is a very vocal and assertive character in this series, especially when compared to Bea and Langi. He knows exactly what he likes and dislikes and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

2. Hard Workers

Millie has a strong passion for coffee. Then, as a coffeeshop owner, he also tries very hard to make coffee as perfect as possible but this is what causes his coffee to be criticized by Rendy.

“Millie is too much of a perfectionist. Something imperfect has its own art, just like making coffee. He wants to make the coffee as perfect as possible, but it ends up getting a complaint, right?” said Windy Apsari, who plays the character Millie on IG Live @visionplusid (05/11).

3. Likes to Help

Even though she looks mean, Millie has a kind heart. Millie is a character who likes to help others, as in Langi’s panic attack scene where Millie swiftly makes black coffee to help Langi.

Intrigued by Millie’s story in completing life with the desired version of happiness? Will he be able to change himself for the better with the help of Rendy? Keep watching Original Series Vision+ You are beautiful Exclusive to Vision+.

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Get acquainted with Millie the Barista in the Original Series “You’re Beautiful” Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

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