GF Vip, episode 14 January: Kabir, Federica and Valeria & Giacomo in nomination. Carmen Russo eliminated

GF Vip, episode 14 January: Kabir, Federica and Valeria & Giacomo in nomination. Carmen Russo eliminated. It was a rather difficult direct, especially for Soleil who found himself again under the eye of the storm afterwards Delia’s entrance. His the minute by minute news of the 34th episode.

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01.40 The 34th episode of Big Brother Vip ends here. Appointment on Monday 17 January with the live from

01.38 The Vippos also read the tweets of Aldo Montano for Manuel

01.33 Carmen Russo in the studio: «It was great, I think I didn’t spare myself». Everyone has sent themselves except Monsè

01.30 Soleil has a moment of despair: “I am a little upset because I see so much falsehood in this house, I am constantly defined as a bitch, now I have to relive a situation, with a person who entered only for visibility and to bring discord but I just can’t do it. For my part he will always have understanding but for my part he has had very heavy attitudes, Delia you should stay at home with your husband and not with me ». Delia this time seems more condescending: “We will be able to clarify with calm as two women”

01.28 The nominees of this evening are: Kabir, Federica and Valeria & Giacomo

01.21 Soleil appoints Miriana then asks to speak with Alex, he wants to know if Delia’s entry is part of something agreed. “I tried to make her understand everything, but you saw how she entered – explains Belli – She entered with the mood that does not represent us, believe in me”, “She is a living theater – Soleil replies – you have studied it well is what? I’ll stop saying it only when I see something real. I tell you that I will protect our friendship, but the first thing I see I close the situation here also towards you “

01.19 Manuel – Federica, Davide – Federica

01.14 Manila – Federica

01.10 Katia appoints Federica, Nathaly – Valeria & Giacomo

01.04 Kabir – Gianmaria, Alessandro – Kabir, Jessica – Valeria & Giacomo, Giucas – Federica

01.00 Miriana appoints Valeria & Giacomo, Gianmaria – Kabir, Lulù – Valeria & Giacomo, Sophie – Kabir, Federica – Kabir, Barù – Sophie, Valeria & Giacomo – Federica

00.59 Tonight the 3 most voted VIPs will be on televoting, but no one will be released on Monday

00.52 Basciano bursts into tears

00.51 Nicolò, Alessandro’s son, sends him a tender video message

00.45 We talk about Alessandro Basciano, clip about him «After the birth of my son I stopped playing the cogl ** ne. I can see the baby whenever I want but since I went outside I haven’t had so many possibilities “

00.41 The immune of the commentators are: Davide and Nathaly

00.40 The immunes of this week are: Manila, Manuel, Katia and Soelil

00.38 It’s time for the nominations

00.23 Barù in the confessional, with him you joke about the women of the house

00.19 Carmen Russo eliminated

00.16 It’s time to find out who will leave the house between Carmen and Federica tonight

GF Vip, Delia against Soleil: “Tell me what happened under the covers with my husband”

00.02 Belli nero: “If you don’t understand what Soleil and I have always told you in recent months, it means that you are obtuse”

23.58 Soleil: “Alex and I did under the covers what we did in the light of the sun”, but Delia insists that there is more: “Everyone saw and Alex confirmed it to me.” Soleil: «It is a very low speech, I think that what happened between him and me goes beyond what was under the covers and which in any case did not happen. He should worry more about the words we said to each other much more than what happened under the covers that goes beyond your marriage “

23.56 Belli intervenes: «Sole, I absolutely did not agree with the entry of Delia. I really invite you not to go further, you have plenty of time to talk and understand, Sole and I have always explained this relationship very well. Delia you are there to understand the truth ». Soleil “But couldn’t you tell the truth between yourselves and do couple therapy?”

23.54 Delia: “You knew we were married and why you went further, that’s what bothered me, put yourself in my shoes, I was distant from you, I was a wounded woman and what I did was revenge.” Soleil: “I gave you respect until you disrespect me”

23.51 Soleil: «Alex has always told me about a marriage he cared so much about, but then there is a woman who always goes against her husband, initially I justified this thing. Ours was a friendship relationship that we also called love but there was never any interest in a relationship. I tried to explain it to you, it’s true there was a moment of disarray between us, it is obvious that the emotions have altered, but we have always tried to protect the marriage. He + goes out to catch up and I instead see a television farce here and I don’t understand if you two have studied this little theater “

11.44pm: Soleil: «Alex told me you were unwell, but now I’m worried. Congratulations you did it. Alfonso, I feel like Indiana Jones with the mummi … it’s a persecution “

23.43 Meeting Delia and Soleil. “I’m not here to go against you, but soon here to talk, to understand, I’m here, we’ll have time to talk, I want to get to know everyone” Soleil: “Welcome, but I’m not interested. Alex and I have always been consistent ». Delia teases Soleil: “Alex told me everything, why don’t you admit what happened under the covers”

23.40 Delia: «The mistake I made was to forgive him immediately, he did not understand how much I suffered. What happened made me feel bad and I still don’t understand it today. It was more at the computer and at his job than for me “

23.36 Let’s review for the umpteenth time the clip of the triangle Alex, Delia and Soleil

23.35 Delia enters the house

11:15 pm Both admit that they are looking for a balance

GF Vip, touching meeting between Gianmaria and her mother: “You can’t think that every woman is the right one”

23.10 We turn the page, clip on Alessandro and Sophie

22.57 Gianmaria in the garden to meet her mother. Esmeralda: «I came because I promised you. Everything that comes to me from the outside shows me that I have done a great job, you have made known a part of you that perhaps not even I knew. I thank this show because it took you apart piece by piece, it showed everything, but then you reassembled yourself and every piece of you is wonderful. You cannot pursue love with the determination with which you go about the job. You never give the time to get to know yourself, every woman is the woman you want but that’s not the case “

22.47 Esmeralda speaks to Alfonso of her son and has very sweet words for him. Gianmaria is moved

22.44 There is a surprise for Gianmaria, her mother Esmeralda is in the mystery room

22.41 Federica outside the house had an acquaintance which, however, seems to no longer exist: “Whoever wants to be part of my life well, whoever doesn’t, we’ll make it right”, Gianmaria replies like this: “I’m not anyone’s second choice”

22.37 Clip on Federica and Gianmaria

22.30 Belli: “For three years we preached a mental freedom, when I left the house I never found the woman I loved again”. Delia: “You’re stubborn and you just want to be right”

GF Vip, Delia enters the fierce house: “Alex hasn’t understood anything, now he has to win me back”

22.26 Delia in quarantine has never heard from Alex: “It’s not like I ended this relationship that has lasted for three, but I talked to Alex and since he didn’t understand everything I suffered, let’s take a break, I decided to take this time for me to reflect. The only thing I say is that if you want to recover this relationship you have to win me back, I want the facts ». Belli: «Your piece is missing, your story is missing, go into the house and expose yourself and be yourself. But how can I win you back if you’re there? If you wanted to, you were out with me. I am happy that you finally enter and disconnect from social networks so that you can live your experience “

22.25 Delia last Monday no longer wanted to continue the connection, Signorini asks her the reason: “I was very angry about the joke that Alex gave me”. Let’s review the clip

GF Vip, Delia unloads Alex Belli: «I took a break. Ciccio make an examination of conscience “

22.21 Delia enters the house of Big Brother Vip but not from the main door, for now she is in the love boat

22.14 In nominations tonight there are: Carmen Russo, Federica Calemme and Soleil Sorge. The first to escape is Soleil

09.22 Nathaly: “it’s not normal for me that Federica has to sleep with Sophie and Basciano”

22.07 Valeria calls her crazy: «Before we met, she and I were friends. I would like to restore the balance, after me it passed to Katia. In the end, the Gf is also made up of something else, don’t get mad “

22.05 For Nathaly the problem arose after the discussion with Valeria: “It seems normal to you that Federica can’t sleep in bed because Valeria has to be with a 9-meter tiger”,

22.01 We proceed quickly: clips on Manila and Nathaly

21.59 The group is balanced

21.56 We talk about groups and “factions”, the Vippos have to choose whether to stay with Katia or Nathalie

21.54 Katia: “I didn’t expect it, I was convinced it was Soleil”. Nathaly

21.50 Nathalie in the scorpsa episode was voted as the favorite of the house, a hce choice surprised everyone

21.48 Televoting already closed

21.45 Connection with the house. Clips on Manila, Soleil and Katia

21.44 The conductor’s entry into the studio: “This is an epochal evening”

21.38 The advances by Alfonso Signorini

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gfvip delia 14154537

Delia Duran will finally enter the Big brother Vip’s house as a new competitor. During the last episode, Alex Belli’s wife said she wanted to reflect a little on her marriage.

Spotlight on misunderstandings and discontent between Manila Nazzaro and Nathalie Caldonazzo who, quite unexpectedly, turned out to be the public’s favorite. There will be good emotions: tonight a sweet surprise awaits Gianmaria Antinolfi. On televoting: Carmen Russo, Federica Calemme and Soleil Sorge.

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GF Vip, episode 14 January: Kabir, Federica and Valeria & Giacomo in nomination. Carmen Russo eliminated

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