GF Vip, the chronicle of the 30th episode: Alessandro, Barù, Eva and Federica in nomination. Bruganelli skips next Monday’s episode

GF Vip, the chronicle of the 30th episode: Alessandro, Barù, Eva and Federica in nomination. Bruganelli skips next Monday’s episode. Signorini points out: “He goes to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his family but then he comes back.” The elimination of the episode of Monday 27 December that we followed minute by minute on is Biagio D’Anelli.

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01.41 The thirtieth episode of Big Brother Vip ends here. There live from come back on Monday, January 3, 2022. Thank you for joining us

01.35 Next week Sonia Bruganelli will not be in the studio because she is out with her family to celebrate the New Year

01.34 Biagio in the studio for a quick greeting

01.31 Signorini announces the outcome of the nominations

01.23 In nomination they end up: Alessandro, Barù, Eva and Federica

01.22 Jessica – Alessandro

01.20 Katia appoints Federica. Nathalie – David

01.11 Belli: «I don’t need to tell anything. I have nothing against anyone, I’m just managing my life ». Soleil: «This is true, but the problem is what you told your wife and what she tells. I would like to add a point too ». La Sorge finally comments with Signorini that this meeting would have easily avoided

01.06 Soleil: «Alex made Delia believe that I fell in love with him, but frankly I don’t care», Belli: «This spectacularization doesn’t make sense, then you didn’t count on the Belli variant. I put a point on this thing “, Soleil plays down:” But why are you a new virus? “

01.06 Despite the late hour we return to talk about the Belli – Delia – Soleil triangle

01.04 Valeria with Urtis’ opinion appoints Basciano

01.01 Manila appoints Giucas. Lulu – David

00.53 Federica – Barù. Giucas – Barù

00.49 Barù – Miriana, Soleil – Miriana. Alessandro – Eva

00.48 Carmen – Federica. David – Eve. Federica – Alessandro

00.45 Gianmaria appoints Basciano. Sophie – Barù. Manuel – Eva

00.44 Let’s start with the nominations. Miriana appoints Barù

00.37 Clarissa also arrives and continues to warn her sisters and in particular Jessica: “Sophie is our little sister, watch out for that guy”, referring to Basciano

00.35 Surprise arriving for Jessica and Lulu who go to the room of the “ship of love”. Enter the brother of the princesses Christian

00.33 Clip on Jessica’s crisis feeling “useless”

00.28 Sonia and Adriana’s immune are: Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis and Nathalie Caldonazzo

00.28 The immunes of this week are Katia, Lulu, Manila and Jessica

00.26 Katia also discovers that Kabir will be a new competitor, but they can’t say anything

00.17 Giucas in the confessional to try to recognize Kabir Bedi

00.13 Next Monday he will enter the Kabir Bedi house which is in connection

00.12 Before leaving the house, Biagio kisses Miriana again

00.07 it’s time for the final verdict: Biagio D’Anelli eliminated with 20%

00.00 The first to escape is Miriana with 42% of the preferences

23.59 Television closed. In nomination there are: Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis

23.50 Biagio confirms that he has left his now ex-girlfriend and confirms his interest in Miriana

23.47 Miriana: «Ours is a true relationship, now it is even closer. It is true that with this attitude I began to look at him with different eyes “

11.45 pm Biagio launches a provocation: “Let a woman from the house come forward who has perceived advances from me”, Marini highlights: “What about Miriana?”

23.41 Clip on Biagio and Miriana

23.37 for Giucas comes Nina, his dog

Gf Vip, Clarissa attacks Manila who bursts into tears: “We are in total madness”

23.22 Manila in tears: “For me it is a personal defeat, for me hugging Clarissa was like hugging my son”

23.15 Clarissa outside the house commented with a post on Instagram accusing Manila of being a viper: “You are the most false of all editions”. Manila: «I don’t know who you’re talking about, I’ll be rough but I’m direct. I put my face on it. We are in total madness “

23.06 This week’s quarrels between Lulu and Manila over cleaning shifts

23.02 It’s time for the Gf Christmas Show

22.47 Soleil: “They are waiting for the next episode to be able to let themselves go”

22.44 Sophie: «I have always told Gianmaria that my text thanks him for the way he treated me, but my heart doesn’t. I have a strong curiosity in knowing Ale and I threw myself in “

22.42 Basciano: «When I entered I said that I have an interest between Soleil and Sophie, but there was friendship with Sole right from the start. I’ve always had an interest with Sophie, I talked to both her and Gianmaria ». Jessica: «My disappointment and my crisis is for friendship. Everyone says I’m crazy then nobody likes me. Sole is engaged, Sophie was busy and then I thought it might be my turn, then Sophie gave up Gianmaria and goodbye “

22.36 The page is turned: Basciano’s entry has put the relationship between Jessica and Sophie in crisis

Gf Vip, the kiss between Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano takes place. And Jessica reacts like this

22.28 Surprise for Ricciarelli, the soprano meets her Ciuffi again

22.19 Soleil sarcastically comments: «It will be Turandot’s fourth enigma». Belli: “Sun and I talked about this enigma for nights and nights”

22.14 Alex Belli is not in the studio but is connected from home: “I don’t have a Saturday night fever, but a Monday night cough”. The actor wrote a post on social media that Signorini shows to competitors: «As much as the first tries to hide its reverse, this always manifests itself as if the medal were transparent. The optimist sees the reverse of the reverse. “

22.07 Valeria Marini would not like to comment: «After the clip of Katia it’s not really nice to talk about this. I don’t want to fall into provocations. I need tranquility and serenity, I have no intention of falling back into grim and ridiculous discussions ». Nathalie: «This morning he told me I was a pain in the ass, then he apologized. This afternoon I told her Vale you have 4 beauty, but with a smile, and she said “Ah but you’re always on me” “

22.05 Clip on the quarrel between Valeria Marini and Nathalie Caldonazzo

21.59 Clip on the crisis by Katia Ricciarelli: «Christmas day was the worst of my life, full of melancholy and regret. I’ve made a mistake in my life, I only thought about work “

21.48 Connection with Kabir Bedi who will enter the house next Monday

Big Brother Vip, Sonia Bruganelli is in the studio. Lite outdated? Here is the whole truth

21.46 Alfonso Signorini in the studio with Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe

21.43 The previews of Alfonso Signorini. We will talk about the quarrel between Nathalie Caldonazzo and Valeria Marini, and the surprises for the Vippos

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The “Vipponi” celebrated Christmas in the Casa del Big Brother Vip with succulent dishes and creating a warm and fun atmosphere (Courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office). They have prepared the new performances of the incredible “Gf Christmas Show” which is back on stage tonight with the second part. Once again there was no lack of squabbles also regarding the preparation of the show.

In nomination tonight: Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis. One of them will have to leave the house for good.

In addition, many exciting surprises await the tenants of the House tonight: ospiti wagging tail will be able to “embrace” their super friends, Jessica and Lulù Selassié will be able to see their brother again and Kabir Bedi will be in connection with the “Big Brother Vip” because he will soon enter the house as the next competitor.

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GF Vip, the chronicle of the 30th episode: Alessandro, Barù, Eva and Federica in nomination. Bruganelli skips next Monday’s episode

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