Glamorous environment plunges many artists into drug addiction : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- News about celebrities always attracts people’s attention, including their involvement in drug abuse. Many artists fall into drugs because of their glamorous environment and lifestyle. In the past month, there have been a number of artists who have been caught in drugs. Who are they? Check out News RCTI+ which will continue to report any interesting developments from artists who now have to deal with the law.

Nia Ramadhani looks so sad when she finds out that she is being charged with 1 year of rehabilitation in the third trial at the Central Jakarta District Court on Thursday (16/12/2021). He asked that his sentence be commuted. Nia is one of the many celebrities who are caught in drug cases. Nia was arrested along with her driver who was found to be partying drugs. Not later, her husband, Ardi Bakrie, was also arrested by the police. They have to languish in detention until now while waiting for the judge’s verdict. They regret that they have risked the big name of their family and children for a moment’s pleasure.

Nia’s story was not used as a lesson for other celebrities to avoid these illicit goods. In the last two weeks, at least three celebrities were arrested by the police because they were caught playing with these illegal goods. They are Jeff Smith, Bobby Joseph, and finally Rizky Nazar.

Jeff Smith was arrested for drug possession at his home in the Depok area, West Java on December 8, 2021. Three days later, Bobby Joseph was also arrested by the police on suspicion of abusing methamphetamine in the Tangerang area on December 11, 2021. Police officers arrested Rizky Nazar while consuming marijuana at his home in the Kramatjati area, East Jakarta on December 14, 2021. All three were arrested in week time. They are soap opera artists, FTV artists, singers and even playing in widescreen films. They are young artists who are quite talented and have normal lives. For example they each have a good relationship with their girlfriends.

The three of them were arrested separately in different cases for only one week. This phenomenon indicates how vulnerable the glittering lives of artists are falling into drugs. The arrest of the artist is not a new thing. Previously, many artists were arrested for drugs. In fact, some of them were even arrested two to three times. Call it Ridho Roma, Revaldo, comedian Polo Srimulat, Roy Martin, and many more. Jeff Smith has also been arrested by the police twice in the same case. In fact, he was just released in mid-September.

Why is it easy for artists to get caught up in drug cases? Many factors influence it. One of them is the ease of access and the money that the artist has. Second, the demands of work to continue to maintain existence are considered to provide a high risk of stress. Here, they mostly run him into drugs. Moreover, the competition among celebrities is very high with the arrival of newcomer artists. The high stress level plus they are required to shoot with a tight time so they need additional stamina. Some of them use drugs to support their performance while filming, performing or performing.

Third, a number of artists consume drugs because they are social to maintain their prestige because they are considered to have a lot of money. Here the artist tries to maintain his social status in order to remain recognized by his environment. Because the social environment greatly influences them to be more easily tempted to use drugs. Whatever the reason, artists should not throw themselves in the trap of drugs. As a role model who has many fans, the involvement of artists in drugs has a greater destructive power than ordinary people.

News RCTI+ will continue to report every development of drug cases that have plagued various Indonesian artists, starting from Ria Ramadhani, Jeff Smith, Bobby Joseph, to Rizky Nazar. What verdict will Ria Ramadhani get? What about the fate of Jeff Smith, Bobby Joseph, and Rizky Nazar? Are there other artists who dare to abuse drugs? Follow the latest developments in artist drug cases on News RCTI+.

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Glamorous environment plunges many artists into drug addiction : Okezone Celebrity

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