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JAKARTA- Father Aunt Ardiansyah, Faisal opened his voice in the midst of the dispute over the inheritance rights of Vanessa Angel and her child. He then brought up the existence of Vanessa’s father, Doddy Sudrajat, during the actress’s difficult time.

Faisal even revealed that all this time he had helped half of the rental price of the house he occupied Vanessa and Aunt.


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“My fishing rod is my money. The house, half of my money is paying the rent. But I didn’t mention it all this time. I’m silent,” Faisal said, quoted from Intense Investigation, Thursday (11/25/2021).

“Febri said that he got a house, but it was too expensive. How much? He asked for Rp. 70 million a year. Two years, Rp. 140 million. Your aunt doesn’t have much money. Don’t worry, I will help you later. I will help,” he continued.

Not only that, Faisal was even willing to spend up to Rp. 300 million to help Vanessa when she was caught in a legal case. He wants his son-in-law to be free from drug abuse cases because he bought drugs without a doctor’s prescription. He also couldn’t stand his grandson, Gala Sku, who was only 3 months old at that time.

“I gave him Rp300 million. Cash. There has been no replacement from that time. I gave him Rp 300 million. You use a lawyer,” explained Faisal.

“One bag is money, I brought it from my house. I was given Rp. 250 million at that time. The Rp. 50 million was left if I didn’t forget. Those who joined the manager. So that the case was finished,” he added.

Upset because he was accused of being wrong, Faisal asked the whereabouts of Doddy as Vanessa’s biological father at that time. Moreover, the man seemed to not want to know about the case that happened to his daughter.

“Si Doddy where is he?” he asked.

Faisal added that the money he had given had indeed been returned by Vanessa and Aunt. However, he admitted that he was always by Vanessa’s side when the 27-year-old woman was in the most difficult period of her life.

“But God sided with my son. Not long after that, he got an endorsement, ambassador. He replaced my money,” said Faisal.

“But it doesn’t stop there. Change lawyers, pay again. Who’s bothering? What’s there right away? That’s a car going back and forth, whose car is being used? My car.

In fact, Faisal also said that he was the one who asked Vanessa Angel to provide a living for his father, as well as share sustenance for his sister. It is known that Vanessa’s sister, Mayang, had previously said that she got an allowance of Rp. 10 million before her brother died.

“He himself admitted that Vanessa sent money to her sister, right? Who was that behind (ordered)? ‘If you have money, help your sister, help your father, love him, what is life for, son, the family must be peaceful’. I said So to his son (Vanessa) to Bibi too,” he said.

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Help Pay Home Contracts to Drug Cases Vanessa, Aunt’s Father: Where is Doddy? : Okezone Celebrity

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