His name is used for slimming ads, big angry box Tantri : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Box Tantri just expressed his frustration on Instagram. It seems that he is starting to get angry with the slimming online shop people who use his name as a testimony.

The singer, whose full name is Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari, immediately re-uploaded the content of the account promoting the slimming drug. In fact, he also attached news about his weight loss.

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“Tantri Kotak has succeeded in losing 15 kg in a month. This rock singer revealed that the diet he was following did not torture him, let alone starve him,” wrote the ad that carried Tantri’s name, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Sunday (21/11/2021).

However, the account added that the success of the singer’s diet was due to taking slimming drugs. In fact, Tantri Kotak does not consume products from that account.

Seeing the upload, the singer of Slowly Slow Only then felt furious. He immediately warned the person to stop using his name in promotional advertisements. For Tantri, this is included in the crime of public deception.

“THIS IS A CRIME, isn’t it?” asked Tantri box. Dear online shop with a slimming brand that uses a lot of my photos for your advertising material. It feels unethical to lie to your consumers like this,” Tantri wrote in a statement.

The reason is, this 32-year-old woman has often received reports from her colleagues regarding profiteering of her name and photo. At first, Tantri chose to remain silent. However, now he chooses to open his voice because he does not accept if other people believe the news.

“At first I ignored it, but how come my heart doesn’t accept it because other people have been consumed by Hoaxes,” said Tantri Kotak.

Tantri Kotak said that she followed a healthy diet and lifestyle according to the doctor’s directions. This statement also confirms that Tantri has never taken any slimming drugs.

“I’m on a diet and live a healthier life with doctor @cissienugraha once again with the doctor’s guidance, yes and there is no use of drugs or slimming ads that are carelessly advertised,” he continued.

At the end of the upload, Tantri Kotak asked the person to take down the upload and stop using his name in promotions. He also invited netizens to report the account of the person who spread the hoax news.

“So for slimming online shops on behalf of me, please take down the ads immediately. Some have been reprimanded, but still stubborn. Let’s help report,” closed Tantri.

The post immediately garnered various reactions from netizens. It seems that the artist Tya Arestya admits that he has experienced the same thing. Not a few also often support Tantri by directly reporting the account.

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His name is used for slimming ads, big angry box Tantri : Okezone Celebrity

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