Immune to the Effects of Gorilla Tobacco, Fico Fachriza Desperate to Suck Hanoman: I Like It! : Okezone Celebrity

THIS This is not the first time Fico Fachriza has used drugs. Feeling immune to gorilla tobacco, he chose to use god-level hanoman tobacco in 2015.

In his Youtube Channel account, this 27-year-old man revealed his experiences when consuming drugs such as gorilla tobacco and Hanuman.

“I chose to make a video one day after deciding to quit drugs,” Fico said in the video.

“I don’t want to talk about things that I don’t know. So I very consciously made a video that I know and it’s not easy to muster up the courage to reveal that you are a former user,” he continued.

Fico, who at that time was able to buy everything he wanted, from a car to a house, because his career was quite smooth, admitted that he was confused about spending money. Until one day, in 2015 Fico met his friend and began to be influenced by drugs.

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“A friend came who started to have a negative influence. In the middle of 2015, there was a new type of drug, called gorilla tobacco. Everything was normal, he also didn’t come as a seller, there was no sign of gloom,” he explained.

“He just came and said, ‘Do you know marijuana? There is a drug that has a faster effect than marijuana, it’s very strong.’

Having a big ego and not being able to ignore challenges, seems to be a big problem for Fico. He also accepted a friend’s challenge to smoke gorilla tobacco three times, and only got dizzy afterward.

That makes Fico crowned as the most powerful person. In the end, he was willing to buy the tobacco at a price of Rp. 350,000 per plastic, and the dose continued to increase as he became immune to gorilla tobacco.

Seeing Fico getting tired of smoking gorilla tobacco because he only got dizzy, made his friends raise the type of tobacco, which was originally a monkey king (gorilla), to a god (hanoman). He also admitted that he survived by consuming the tobacco for 1 year and was willing to buy Hanuman for Rp. 500 thousand per plastic.

“What I didn’t expect was that they upgraded the type of tobacco, from the monkey king, the gorilla, to a god called hanoman tobacco. It feels more pressing but I like it.”

“Every time I use it, I’m like an idiot, dumbfounded and what I realize is that it’s appropriate for stupid people to not be called because stupid people become delicious,” he said.

But not long after, Fico admitted that he had managed to escape Hanuman tobacco. This happened after he busied himself with a myriad of activities and saw the success of his comrades in arms who were no longer on par with him.

“My contemporaries have advanced, far ahead of me. Ernest, Arie, Kemal, Babe, all those who were together are no longer aligned. They move forward with awareness, I am stuck with my dumbfoundedness and stupidity,” he explained.

“I’m tired of struggling with something that keeps me from progressing. Finally I speculated that I had to end all of this,” he concluded.

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Immune to the Effects of Gorilla Tobacco, Fico Fachriza Desperate to Suck Hanoman: I Like It! : Okezone Celebrity

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