Join the Fun of Klaklik Gigabait 1.0 with Raditya Dika and Evelina, Winners of the Online Casting Ikatan Cinta Season 1: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA KLAKLIK, an all in one mobile application under the auspices of MNC PICTURES will hold KLAKLIK GIGABAIT 1.0, Saturday, December 25, 2021. KLAKLIK GIGABAIT 1.0 is guided by well-known Indonesian content creator, Raditya Dika and can be watched virtually through the Klaklik application, the VISION+ application streaming channel and RCTI+ at 17.00 WIB (before the AFF Cup Semi Final match, Indonesia VS Singapore).

The unique title of GIGABAIT itself means that it is a large (unlimited) forum for the creativity of story-based IP works from talented content creators who can be a source of inspiration and motivation for Gen-Z to be more productive and dare to show their work for ‘Exist’. KLAKLIK as you know is an all-in-one mobile application containing a collection of hundreds of story-based Intellectual Property (IP) with user generated content in multi formats: e-novels, scenarios, audio, video, comics, etc.,

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KLAKLIK GIGABAIT 1.0 will be present in virtual fun hangouts, talk shows, stand up comedy & music performances as well as storytelling, KLAKLIK GIGABAIT 1.0, presenting Reza Mustar, Jui Purwoto, Reikko, Bakti Adhitama, Aldo Swastia and Evelina Witanama, winners of KLAKLIK online casting ‘Ikatan Cinta’ ‘ season 1 ago.

In the KLAKLIK GIGABAIT 1.0 event, you will get insights for success in casting film players from experienced professionals in their fields, namely Bakti Adhitama, Head of Casting MNC Pictures, and interesting insights from ‘Cadet 1947’ director Aldo Swastia and Evelina Witanama. Reza Mustar and Jui Purwoto will also be present to entertain in talk shows and stand up comedy. Not to forget Reikko with a unique music performance in the form of a musicalization of short stories by Raditya Dika entitled ‘Just Friends’.

Klaklik provides interesting features according to your needs who want to exist in the world of story writing and film scenarios to enter the entertainment world, such as CIRCLE for fun hanging out with Indonesian artists, the CASTING feature for talent contests to become artists, then the STORY feature for those who likes to write stories, the COMIC feature is for those of you who like to make stories in comic form (pictured), the AUDIOPLAY feature is for those who like to tell stories in Audio, and the PLAY feature is for watching all your favorite movies and web series.

Klaklik has provided a platform for those of you who want to become content creators easily with just one mobile application that contains many interesting features. What are you waiting for ? let’s download Klaklik on Playstore or App Store now!

KLAKLIKI Choose To Exist!

KLAKLIK is an application under the auspices of MNC PICTURES which is the largest production house in Indonesia, and is one of the business units of PT MNC Studios International (Tbk (MSIN).

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Join the Fun of Klaklik Gigabait 1.0 with Raditya Dika and Evelina, Winners of the Online Casting Ikatan Cinta Season 1: Okezone Celebrity

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