‘Last Night’ Via Vallen vs ‘Satru’ Happy Asmara at the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Competition in terms of achievement between the two Via Vallen and Happy Asmara in the world of singing is quite fierce. how not, they will compete for the ‘Most Dangdut Collaboration Song in the Heart’ at the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award (ADI).

In the collaboration song, Via Vallen’s song ‘Last Night’ is a duet with Chevra Papinka. Then Happy Asmara had a duet with Denny Caknan. MNCTV is proud to again hold an award and appreciation event for Indonesian dangdut people, Anugerah Dangdut Indonesia 2021 which will be broadcast live on Wednesday, November 24 at 19.30 WIB at Studio RCTI+ MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta.


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Not only Happy Asmara and Via Vallen, other names also enliven the competition in this category, such as in the category ‘The Most Dangdut Collaboration Song in the Heart’: ‘true friend’ – Adibal ft. Erie Susan, ‘Ojo Adoh-adoh’ – Danang ft. Syahiba Shaufa, ‘Angel’ – Denny Caknan ft. Cak Percil, ‘Satru’ – Denny Caknan ft. Happy Asmara, ‘Cidro 2’ – Esa Risty ft. Wandra, ‘Strength of Ati’ – Nella Kharisma ft. Dory Harsa, ‘The Last Night’ – Via Vallen ft. Chevra Papinka. Can they win the hearts of Indonesian dangdut lovers?

Then, other categories also enliven this prestigious award. Namely the category ‘The most heart-warming duo/trio/group singer’ is Atrhuria Band, Duo Delima, Guyon Waton, Ndx aka, Rizki Ridho and Trio Macan.

Meanwhile, the nominations for other categories are also filled with big names who are ready to create a stir at the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award. The following are the full nominations at the ADI 2021:

Top Categories

Most Dangdut Male Singer in the Heart:

1A Adibal Sahrul

1B Danang

1C Denny Caknan

1D Fildan

1E Jirayut

1F Nassar

1G Ndarboy Genk

Most Female Dangdut Singer in the Heart

2A Ayu Ting Ting

2B Evie Masamba

2C Not Nurjanah

2D Inul Daratista

2E Lesti Kejora

2F Sandrina

2G Super Mom

Most Newcomer Dangdut Singer in the Heart:

3A Anwar Bab

3B Era Syaqira

3C Gitalia

3D Haviz

3E Risa KDI

3F Wahid KDI

3G Wina Gicama

The most popular Dangdut Duo/Trio/Group in the Heart:

4A Arthuria Band

4B Duo Delima

4C Guyon Waton

4D Ndx a.k.a

4E Rizki Ridho

4F Tiger Trio

4G 2Langit

Most Heart Dangdut Collaboration:

5A Abidal Sahrul feat Erie Suzan –True friends

5B Danang feat Syahiba Saufa-Ojo adoh-adoh

5C Denny Caknan feat Cak Percil – Angel

5D Denny Caknan feat Happy Asmara – Sastru

5E Esa Risty feat Wandra – Cidro

5F Nella Kharisma feat Dory Harsa – Kuat kuatan ati

5G Via Vallen feat Chevra Papinka – Last Night

Most Popdut Songs in the Heart:

6A Star of Life – Happy Amara

6B Limited to this City – Vita Alvia

6C Love Story at School – Vita Alvia

6D Go Lost and Forget – Nella Kharisma

6E Break Up Or Continue – Shinta Gisul

6F Missing Missing Missing Her – Mala Agatha

6G Enchanted – Happy Romance

Most Dangdut Songs in the Heart:

7A Past Wind – Danang

7B Take Me to the Penghulu – Lesti Kejora

7C After Drinking What- Sandrina

7D Last Night – Via Vallen feat Chevra Papinka

7E Tatitut – Ayu Ting Ting

7F Glutinous Tape – Wina Gacima

7G Wes Tatas – Happy Asmara

Then here are the categories that were judged directly by the judges:

Category “Best Dangdut Song”

Past Wind – Danang, Creator – Danang

Take Me to the Penghulu – Lesti Kejora, Creator – Adibal Sahrul

When Will Separate – Wahid KDI, Creator – Muhammad Roma

Sorry I’m Gone – Evi Masamba, Creators – Michael Widyatmaka & Vivie Chang

As Beautiful as the Rainbow – Inul Daratista, Creator – Adibal Sharul

No Return – Ikke Nurjanah, Creator – Fauzi Bima

Tatitut – Ayu Ting Ting, Creator of Yogi RPH

Category “Best Male Dangdut Singer”

Adibal Sahrul


Denny Caknan



Ndarboy Genk


Category “Best Female Dangdut Singer”

Ayu Ting Ting |

Evi Masamba

Happy Asmara

Not Nurjanah

Inul Daratista

Ready Kejora

Via Vallen

Category “Best Dangdut Video Clips”

Adibalmusic Production, Lesti Kejor – Bawa aku Penghul

Arya Teja, Risa KDI – Stage Princess

Krisnkros, Denny Caknan Ft. Cak Percil – Angel

Official Music Video Nagaswara X Ronyrom Production, Sandrina – After Drinking What

Henry Habayahan, Inul Daratista – As Beautiful as the Rainbow

The ADI 2021 peak unemployment night will be held on Thursday, November 24. ADI 2021 is an event that appreciates the beauty of millions of charms on stage that will feature 3 dangdut divas and a special performance of Beauty of love.

Support your favorite dangdut singer through the RCTI+ application, then comment on Instagram @officialmnctv by typing #VOTEADI2021(SPACE)NOMINATION CODE in the category photo that has been uploaded to the MNCTV official account. Voting has been open since November 8 and voting is valid until November 23, 2021.

Watch the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award which will be broadcast LIVE on Wednesday, November 24 at 19.30 WIB at Studio RCTI+ MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Only on MNCTV, Always in the heart.

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‘Last Night’ Via Vallen vs ‘Satru’ Happy Asmara at the 2021 Indonesian Dangdut Award: Okezone Celebrity

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