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CYCLE Human life is born, grows, develops, houses, visits, moves, settles, gathers, until death. That’s what we’re trying to bring up in the latest original series Vision+ in collaboration with Being Human, entitled Life cycle. In collaboration with many Indonesian artists, this series of 9 short films will be shown on Vision+ starting Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

The theme of life has always been a source of inspiration that never dries up for various creative works. The phenomena that occur, how to view events, meanings and messages that can be read, make this theme explore many things related to the daily life of individuals.

In today’s fast -paced life, humans tend to race over each other, so they forget to enjoy the process and the time.

In fact, life is not a competition. Sometimes we have to pause to be aware of what is happening around us and appreciate the process.

Managing Director of Vision+, Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo said, “This is the first time we have released an Originals Series that gives such a deep moral message. We hope that this series can have a positive impact so that all of us as human beings always introspect and appreciate the meaning of life, which is actually very short.”

Regarding the collaboration to make the Life Cycle series, Clarissa said that this collaboration is in line with Vision+’s mission to present more and more interesting shows in the form of original series produced by local production houses. “Vision+ has always wanted to work with others in producing originals. This is what makes the Vision+ line of originals each have their own unique character. This is also a form of supporting the nation’s children, both artists, creative actors, and especially in this collaboration of course for great young people who are involved in Becoming Humans,” he said.

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“As we know, Being Human is a community that bridges people so they can express their feelings in the hope that they will find solutions to life’s problems. Then Vision+ as a streaming service provider platform welcomes this spirit by providing a place for Being Human to express it into a work that can be enjoyed and has life values ​​that can have a positive impact on the audience,” added Clarissa.

Adam A. Abednego, Co-founder & The Heart of Being Human, explained why he was interested in making a series about life. “In this opportunity to collaborate with Vision+, we would like to invite all of our friends to take a break, take a deeper look at life, the essence of which we put into film media. Through the Life Cycle series, we hope to remind you of the messages of life, as well as help us all understand the meaning of life and enjoy the process of life itself,” he said.

Taken from everyday stories that have meaning and learning, the Life Cycle consists of 9 episodes, namely Birth, Growing, Developing, Home, Visiting, Moving, Settling, Gathering, and Death. All of these episodes are Vision+ Original shows that will always be available to watch on the Vision+ platform starting from Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

Starring famous actors such as Khiva Iskak as Omar Satria, Shareefa Daanish as Bina, Dominique Sanda as Mother, Gamaliel Eleazar as Eri, Muzakki Ramdhan as Banyu, Dhea Seto as Marcellia, Kalya Islamadina as Dilla, Putri Ayudya as Yayas, and Tubagus Ali as Dion.

Then, Vonny Anggraini as Mother, Brigitta Cynthia as Rani, Jerome Kurnia as Abi, Fajar Nugra as Lukman, Samo Rafael as You, Taskya Namya as Sasha, Imelda Therinne as Tere, and Lukman Sardi as Dwi.

Next, Laras Ardhia as Ney, Ravi Septrian as Wicak, Sheila Miranda as Avi, Alyssa Abidin as Yuni, Ben Joshua as Ardi, Matias Muchus as Bapak, Anne Yasmine as Meira, and Faris Nahdi as Rio.

In addition, there is something interesting about this series, namely that it is directed by a different director in each episode. There are directors such as Putri Sarah Amelia, Wenda Theadora, Joan Elizabeth, Greg Soegono, Winnie Benjamin, Alvin Aprilianto Tan, Bismo Triastiroadji.

Regarding the challenges in working on the Life Cycle, Adam said, “Because this is an omnibus series consisting of 9 episodes with different actors, directors and crews, the biggest challenge is how to combine each episode into a single story.” However, according to him, the work process can run smoothly8 through good synergy with all parties involved.

“This is the essence of collaboration, which is bringing together many things, potentials, and different backgrounds, for one good cause. We are also grateful to be able to work with 8 great artists, filmmakers, and the Vision+ team who really support the work of the nation’s children,” said Adam.

Clarissa revealed that all 9 Life Cycle series titles will be released at once. “This is also the first time Vision+ has released all the episodes simultaneously. The goal is that users can immediately watch the marathon when it is released on December 1, 2021. The Life Cycle will make the audience curious to watch episode after episode, because this series is not just a story but this series is about us, “he said.

Furthermore, here are the 9 titles and cast in the Lifecycle:

1. Born, raised the topic of existential crisis, played by Khiva Iskak, Shareefa Daanish, and Dominique Sanda.

2. Growing up, telling stories about bullying and friendship issues with two child actors, namely Gamaliel Eleazar and Muzakki Ramadhan.

3. Developing, containing the story of the search for identity by cooperating with Kalya Islamadina and Dhea Seto.

4. House, about family and mental health disorders, played by Putri Ayudya, Tubagus Ali, and Vonny Anggraini.

5. Bertamu, tells the story of a romantic relationship, supported by Jerome Kurnia and Brigitta Cynthia.

6. Moving, tells about continuing life, with Taskya Namya, Fajar Nugra, and Samo Rafael.

7. Sedentary is a short film about happy little things, as well as domestic discomfort, played by Lukman Sardi and Imelda Therinne.

8. Gathering, about routine, escapism, the crisis of middle age, and friendship, with Ravi Septian, Sheila Miranda, Laras Ardhia, and Alyssa Abidin.

9. Passing away, a story of loss, supported by Mathias Muchus, Ben Joshua, Fariz Nahdi, and Anne Yasmine.

Available in premium video on demand (VOD) format with episodes 1 and 2, you can watch it for free on Vision+. Then, to be able to watch all episodes, users must upgrade their account to Vision+ premium starting from Rp. 10,000 for a 7-day subscription, up to Rp. 200,000 for a 365-day subscription.

Immediately download Vision+ on Google Play Store and App Store here or you can also visit For more information about Vision+, please follow Vision+’s official social media accounts at @visionplusid (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) or Whatsapp at 0888 8000 00.

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Latest! Follow Vision+ Originals Life Cycle, Pour 9 Stories About Humans : Okezone Celebrity

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