Laura Anna’s story was made paralyzed by Gaga Muhammad because of an accident, its contents are heartbreaking : Okezone Celebrity

CASE Edelenyi Laura Anna’s accident with Gaga Muhammad, her ex-lover, has entered the realm of law. The hashtag #JusticeforLaura has echoed on social media.

Laura Anna is now paralyzed after an accident 2 years ago when the car driven by Gaga Muhammad. After that incident, it turned out that there was no responsibility on the part of Gaga for Laura’s recovery.

Invited to the Deddy Corbuzier Podcast, Laura pours out her heart. One of the points that was told was about his current condition after the accident.

“At the beginning of the incident, after I had an accident, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t play on my cellphone, I just sat still. It lasted for 3 months, so I was just in bed,” he said, quoted by MNC Portal from Youtube Deddy Corbuzier, Thursday (9/09/2020). 12/2021).

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Gaga Muhammad was judged by Laura to have destroyed Laura’s physique. He who used to be active and walk normally, now spends a lot of time in a wheelchair and bed.

In fact, Laura needed a catheter to help herself urinate. Diapers were not chosen because he thought it could trigger new problems.

So much sitting, Laura’s buttocks were injured. Until he felt that there was a limitation when he moved until he wanted to take a shower, someone else helped him.

Not only physically, Laura also thinks Laura has been damaged by Gaga Muhammad. The lack of goodwill to help heal, made Laura down and had depression for a long time.

“I cried for 2 weeks non-stop. Until my mom didn’t dare to go to the room to see her child crying all the time,” Laura vented.

Laura’s depression is not based on a psychological diagnosis. But he was pretty sure it was depression with other post-accident symptoms.

“I don’t eat for days, but once I eat a lot. Then I sleep all the time, eat a lot more, that’s it. I didn’t see a psychologist, but I know I’m depressed,” he explained.

Not only that, Laura’s mentality was also damaged because of Gaga Muhammad’s attitude at the trial which Laura thought was very unethical.

“Gaga was laughing at the trial, like it wasn’t serious. Then Papah was also, until he asked me to say, ‘Later if Gaga wants to play at home, okay, yes’, then I said no and felt weird with this attitude, ” said Laura.

There are many other incidents that Laura said that Gaga was mentally damaged. One story was also told by Laura that she really needed Gaga after the accident, but a week later Gaga was gone.

This condition really made Laura sad and down. Because, Gaga is the only friend Laura needs and in such a situation, Gaga is not even by her side.

In fact, Gaga once made an ‘open donation’ for Laura. “He told friends that he had donated Rp. 10 million, even though it wasn’t there. I have proof, I’m not making accusations. So, it’s really weird with Gaga,” said Laura.

Of all that, Laura only hopes that there will be justice for her lawsuit against Gaga. When Deddy Corbuzier asked what the punishment was for Laura’s version of Gaga, the woman who felt insecure because she now had acne said,

“I just want to ask for justice in my life. I want an accountability for what I’ve experienced. That’s all. Let the judge decide later,” explained Laura.

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Laura Anna’s story was made paralyzed by Gaga Muhammad because of an accident, its contents are heartbreaking : Okezone Celebrity

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