Masterchef, fifth episode: spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

Masterchef, fifth episode: Spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas. A journey into emotions and memories, between past experiences and moving life stories: this is the source of energy and passion for cooking, but also concentration to face the insidious challenges conceived by the three judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli.

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They can’t take the pressure of fifth episode of Masterchef Italy aired on Thursday 13 January Andrea and Nicholas, which leave the Masteclass. We start with the Mystery Box that accompanied amateur cooks on an inner journey to re-embrace their origins and relive the deepest memories.

Between irrepressible emotions and moving stories of the past, the competitors tried their hand at poor cooking and had 45 minutes to prepare a dish that would leave you speechless, despite the simplicity and essentiality of the ingredients: onions, potatoes, bread and those products usually considered “waste”. Tracy’s Dignity – loafs of bread, potatoes, cockscomb and fish roe on pea pods, dill and basil cream – is the best dish of the proof for thrilling the judges by opening a door to her existence.


The Invention Test then evoked the most gluttonous memories of the judges: Barbieri told a gratin of tagliatelle with chicken and balsamic vinegar sauce, a real “dish of recovery”; Cannavacciuolo presented the pochè egg on Neapolitan ragù, his land of origin; finally, Locatelli brought the “grandmother’s cod”, with lentils and parsley sauce. Tracy, enjoying the advantage obtained in the previous test, divided the class into three groups, assigning each competitor one of the three dishes: the aspiring chefs had to replicate the recipe assigned to them in 30 minutes. The best result was that of Lia, who interpreted the profound meaning of the test by recovering the simple flavor of the dish, with flawless aesthetics. Among the worst proposals, however, those of Mery and Bruno, but it was Andrea who made the most serious mistakes in the preparation of cod and it was therefore him to leave the Masterclass.


The path to the roots of cooking continued with a return to the land and the breathtaking beauty of Val di Sole, in Trentino, which was the backdrop to the second Outdoor Test. The tranquility of the picturesque natural landscape, however, was shaken by the insidious challenge that awaited amateur cooks: the protagonist was hay, which can be used in the kitchen both as an ingredient and as a cooking technique. The blue menu featured canederli in hay soup and mountain milk, and char with lemon with casolét salad and rennet apples; the red one included potato gnocchi with smoked mountain ricotta and cabbage, together with hay-crusted fillet of beef with fondue and apples with rosemary. In both menus, the dessert to prepare was apple strudel with eggnog. Lia, winner of the Invention Test, chose to prepare the red menu with her team – the one in which hay was used as a cooking technique – and also indicated the captain of the opposing brigade, Mery. After the composition of the teams, the competitors had two hours to prepare and serve the three courses to 24 particular diners: the farmers and breeders of the area who, almost unanimously, led the Red Brigade to triumph. Lia, Christian, Carmine, Tracy, Nicky Brian, Mime, Bruno and Pietro, who in the middle of the test replaced Polone by choice of the captain, as granted by the advantage gained previously, avoided the Pressure Test.


The Pressure Test then stimulated the creativity of those who still had to fight to stay in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia: 20 minutes to prepare a tasty and surprising omelette. Mery presented Smoked Walnut and Scamorza and Elena Brunch (containing Tropea onion, bacon and smoked provola); Federico brought the omelette of the same name (with milk, Grana Padano, ham and mushrooms); Tina cooked I hope I manage (chives and crispy ham on a bed of mozzarella, radish leaves, salmon and walnuts); Anna Salmon-ette (with provolone, smoked salmon and thyme); and Polone Salmon and Mozzarella. The best omelette was Dalia’s Amsterdam (with gorgonzola, smoked provola, salmon, basil, spring onion, marjoram and chives), while the worst dish was Istinto (with mushrooms, mozzarella, soy sauce and parsley), which is cost to the student Nicholas the elimination and interruption of his path in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia.


The new appointment of the cooking show, produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Sky, last night on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, confirmed the great success of the previous weeks and the ratings stand at an average of 840 thousand average spectators with 3, 1% share and 1,148,057 contacts, perfectly in line with last week’s episodes. In detail, the first episode totaled 918 thousand average spectators and 3% share, with an excellent 75% permanence and 1,222,339 contacts; the second reached 761 thousand average spectators, with a 3.2% share, 71% permanence and 1,073,775 contacts. In addition, over the seven days the data confirm the excellent levels of the previous week: last Thursday’s episodes reached an average of 1,926,000 spectators, once again more than double compared to the first day (and + 6% compared to the average of previous weeks).

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Masterchef, fifth episode: spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

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