Masterchef Italy: Giulia eliminated. Third “fairytale” episode also for the ratings

Masterchef Italy: Giulia eliminated. Third “fairytale” episode also for the ratings. For judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli, the first round was complex to manage (and judge) and led to the elimination of Giulia, the first aspiring chef to have to remove her apron this year.

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First challenge of the season full of twists, at MasterChef Italia: a “fairytale” Mystery Box with foods taken from fairy tales, a surprising Invention Test and an outdoor test at the Reggia di Monza, for the first time entirely focused on pastry.


The first Mystery Box transported everyone into a dreamlike dimension, with 10 ingredients that refer to as many famous fairy tales to be used in the preparation of a “magical” dish: “Tom Thumb” bread, “Alice in Wonderland” mushrooms, Jack’s beans from the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”, the mullet that the Cat and the Fox eat at the expense of Pinocchio, Cinderella’s pumpkin, rapunas, wild boar liver linked to Snow White’s tale, as well as peas, game and macaroni. As per tradition, however, every fairy tale hides pitfalls and the aspiring chefs had to immediately get used to the unexpected plots of the three judges, which took away 15 minutes of time out of the 45 initially announced. Among the twenty proposals, the three tasted the three most fabulous: Partridge in a carriage by Carmine, the high school student from the province of Salerno, who proposed a partridge with pumpkin cream, mushroom carpaccio and fried rapunzel with bread crumble; Think again in Federico’s Fables, the 30-year-old dj of Argentine origins, who served up a partridge and mushroom steak filled with liver pate on pumpkin soup with croutons; and An eye on Elena’s partridge, who invented a curried partridge on pumpkin puree with liver quenelle and spicy rapunzel oil. A dish, the latter, which earned the 54-year-old who moved from Milan to Ravenna the victory in the Mystery.


In the Invention Test, the Masterclass welcomed an international artist of the kitchen, who obtained her first Michelin star at the age of 30: Marie Robert, chef of the Café Suisse in Bex in Switzerland with a refined cuisine where the eye sees one thing but the mouth tastes another.

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Of the groups of ingredients brought by the Chef, Elena had to choose one – those that Marie Robert used to compose a terrine of hare, apples and cranberries in the shape of cherry tomatoes – to be entrusted to the whole class which she then divided into pairs to the real cooking: he chose Dalia for himself, then he joined Rita and Pietro, Christian and Giulia, Bruno and Mime, Nicholas and Tina, Nicky Brian and Mery, Andrealetizia and Lia, Andrea and Carmine, Federico and Polone, Tracy and Anna. Not all couples worked well, others instead formed a winning combination: on tasting the most original surprise was the one given by the couple Elena and Dalia, while the worst dish was that of Andrealetizia and Lia, who could not participate in the external by going directly to the Pressure Test.


Afterwards, having temporarily left the kitchens of MasterChef Italia, the amateur chefs have reached the Reggia di Monza. Judging the work of the competitors divided into two brigades in the first outdoor test of the season (moreover entirely dedicated to pastry, the bugbear for all the chefs), 31 special diners: the Italian Master Pastry Chefs and the Master Bakers of the Fornai association from Milan. For the two brigades, led by Elena and Dalia, as many menus: that of baked desserts (fruit tartlets with Monza rose cream, the Sacher of Ferdinand of Habsburg, Queen Margherita’s crème brûlée), for the Red Brigade composed in addition to Elena da Rita, Carmine, Pietro, Andrea, Polone, Nicky Brian, Anna and Nicholas; that of spoon desserts (strawberry mousse with Italian meringue, Catalan cream flavored with Monza lemon, parfait with crunchy almonds) for the Blue Brigade, made up of Dalia, Mime, Federico, Tina, Tracy, Giulia, Christian, Bruno and Mery. To triumph in the challenge, strategy and organization, synergy and collaboration were needed, and with the plebiscite of 26 votes out of 31 the Reggia was colored red, thus sending the Brigade of Dalia to Pressure, together with Andrealetizia and Lia.


In the decisive test, every aspiring chef had to create a real gourmet “sandwich” but without using bread. In turn, starting with the brigade captain, they first had to choose the ingredient with which to play for their stay in the Masterclass, from among those proposed, then the colleague who had the next choice: Dalia chose the potatoes, Federico the Portobello mushroom, Andrealetizia the tomatoes, Lia the chicken breast, Bruno the avocado, Mime the Azuki beans, Giulia the courgette, Tracy the polenta, Tina the pasta, Mery the rice and Christian the lettuce. Test passed for everyone except for Andrealetizia and Giulia, and between the two the judges chose to have the latter take off her apron.


For the third evening of the cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Sky, last night on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, the audience is growing again: an average of 901 thousand average spectators and 3.6% share – with a net growth of + 6% compared to last week (compared to the same evening last year marks a + 60%) – and 1,265,919 contacts, an increase of + 11% compared to the previous Thursday. In detail, the first episode totaled 962 thousand average viewers and 3.3% share, with a 69% stay and 1.387.507 contacts (+ 5% compared to last week); the second reached 840 thousand average spectators, with a 3.9% share, 73% permanence and 1,144,330 contacts (+ 7% compared to the previous evening).

And it was an extraordinary week for the show: last Thursday’s episodes, which had totaled an average of 852 thousand spectators, over 7 days reached an average of 1,828,152 spectators, more than double the first day; the weekly data, moreover, marks a further and clear growth of + 7% compared to that of the previous week.

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Masterchef Italy: Giulia eliminated. Third “fairytale” episode also for the ratings

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