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JAKARTA– Entering the beginning of 2022, MNCTV continues to provide the best and quality programs to accompany loyal viewers at home.

In January 2022, MNCTV presented the latest programs with the theme ‘Funtastic January 2022’, such as ‘Professional Futsal League 2021’, ‘Road To Kilau Raya 2022’, ‘Bedah Rumah’, three soap operas in collaboration with MNC Pictures, namely the soap opera ‘ RT Kampung Ambyar’, soap opera ‘Cinta Anak Soleh’, and soap opera ‘Putri Mermaid & 1001 Keajaiban’ which will surely spoil MNCTV loyal viewers at home.


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MNCTV as the official broadcaster of the 2021 Professional Futsal League will broadcast live the Indonesian futsal league’s highest caste match which will start the opening match on Saturday, January 8, 2022, between BTS FC Surabaya vs Kancil BBK and Safin FC vs IPC Pelindo at 12.00 WIB and 14.00 WIB.

In addition, MNCTV again presents the magnificent Road To Kilau Raya (RTKR) concert which will be broadcast live on Friday, January 28, 2022, at 21.00 WIB. RTKR is a music concert program enlivened by a number of top Indonesian artists and musicians who are ready to entertain the viewers.

Furthermore, MNCTV broadcasts the program ‘Bedah Rumah Lagi’ which will certainly be the viewers’ favorite show which will premiere on Friday, January 7, 2022, airing every Friday, at 16.15 WIB. The ‘Bedah Rumah Lagi’ program, guided by hosts Kenta and Asty Ananta, will look for recipients of blessings who have homes that are less than adequate and have been renovated into livable places by making them modern.

In addition, MNCTV in collaboration with MNC Pictures presents the latest soap opera ‘RT Kampung Ambyar’ which will premiere on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, at 22.15 WIB.

RT Kampung Ambyar is decorated by well-known actors and actresses such as Rifki Balwel as Aryo, Claudia Andhara as Dinda, Amanda Rigby as Yu Sih, Julian Kunto as Ucok, Derry Drajat as Pak Jayus.

The soap opera RT Kampung Ambyar tells the story of Aryo, the innocent and kind-hearted bread seller. Aryo is dating the son of a rich man named Dinda. They planned for an engagement but were rejected by Dinda’s family. The head of the RT who was the representative of Aryo’s family had a heart attack and Aryo was appointed by the residents as the head of the RT in his settlement.

Then, the latest soap opera ‘Cinta Anak Soleh’ which will premiere on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, at 21.00 WIB. The soap opera Cinta Anak Soleh stars Alwi Assegaf as Ali and Reyhan, Fadlan Muhammad as Faqih (Ali and Reyhan’s father), Helmalia Putri (Salma, Ali’s mother and Reyhan), Vemasse Firdatidar as Ulfa, Makayla Rosehilli as Syifa, and Ray Shareza as Ustadz Mostopha.

Sinetron Cinta Anak Soleh tells about two teenagers who have twin faces, Reyhan and Ali. Both are twin sisters born from the same womb, Mother Salma.

But the two separated because of someone who hated their parents’ relationship. Ali and Rayhan also live with different characters.

Then, the soap opera ‘Princess Mermaid & 1001 Miracles’ which will air soon in January 2022. Starring Queen Gendis as Putri (Mermaid), Kia Poetri as Mermaid Queen, Tyas Mirasih as Debby (Princess’s stepmother), Tengku Tezi as Yanuar ( Putri’s biological father), Winona Karamoy as Luna (daughter’s half-sister), and Nay Nanoy as Bella (daughter’s half-sister).

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MNCTV Presents the Latest Programs at ‘Funtastic January 2022’ : Okezone Celebrity

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