RaiPlay, the second season of “You don’t know who I am” arrives, the docu-series created by Alessandro Sortino about the kids of Generation Z

Stories of young people. Stories of parents and children connected with elsewhere. Stories of strong emotions, sometimes difficult to tell and even more uncomfortable and masked in indifference. The second season of You don’t know who I am is back in boxset, exclusively on RaiPlay from 14 January. And with the docu series the strength to tell, without filters, to the world of adults those realities that are often ignored, breaking down the wall of the “unspoken” that sometimes exists in relationships with family members.

The program conceived by Alessandro Sortino with Arianna Ciampoli and written with Sabrina Bacalini, turns the spotlight on Generation Z kids, those born after 2001, digital natives and social addicts, making them the protagonists of a first-person story.

You do not know who I am in fact sees the young people of the series, opening up and confiding, for the first time, with mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers in order to reveal themselves, taking off a burden, to the point of being moved to fully experience the relationship with them, letting them enter, not without difficulty, in that “area of shadow ”that exists in each of us.

Ten new stories, 10 self-stories and revelations made by the kids themselves to the people they are most attached to. Among the many there is that of Isabella who grew up with a disability and was forced from an early age to defend herself from bullies at school. His revelation is addressed to the mother who, for too much love, has always denied her daughter’s condition and who now will have to face with awareness, free from prejudices. Then Valerio, a 21-year-old Roman who works as a cook but pursues the dream of becoming a successful rapper. His life was marked by a precise date, April 12, 2017 when his father was arrested in front of his eyes. From that moment on, Valerio carried the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. A burden too great for a teenager who now wants to tell his mother about the pain he has carried inside for years, trying to hide it to protect her.

And again Carlotta who lives in Turin and he decided to open his heart to his mother, with whom he has a conflictual relationship that was definitively cracked when the girl decided to communicate her homosexuality in the family. Following this choice she had to face the judgment of others but now she is determined to make a choice that will change her life forever. Ludovica, on the other hand, is only 16 years old but she feels she was born in a body that doesn’t feel hers. So she changed sex, facing a gender transition path from a very young age that led her to be herself. The path taken, however, is not easy: forced to fight with the prejudices of the outside world, even in the Ludovica family she had to fight, above all to be accepted by her grandmother to whom she has something to say today. There are many other stories told by the protagonists of the second edition of “You don’t know who I am”, produced by Chiara Salvo for RaiPlay.

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RaiPlay, the second season of “You don’t know who I am” arrives, the docu-series created by Alessandro Sortino about the kids of Generation Z

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