RCTI Collaboration with LangitMusik Presents the 2021 Indonesian Music Awards for the First Time : Okezone Celebrity

RCTI together with LangitMusik, present an award event for Indonesian music people, which for the first time will be held, namely the 2021 Indonesian Music Awards. In this inaugural event this year, there are 12 nominations that will be up for grabs at the 2021 IMA.

“Salute to RCTI because as a platform that is currently very focused on digital entertainment, it suddenly invited us and agreed with a brand that we believe can represent the music industry, namely the Indonesian Music Awards,” said Dedi Suherman as President Director of PT Melon Indonesia’. In addition, Dedi also said that LangitMusik’s commitment to cooperation with RCTI is not only this year but also the following years.

In addition, Dini Putri as Programming & Acquisition Director of RCTI said “We are very flexible, because we have to see what the future potential will be. My hope is that this is a form of collaboration with LangitMusik to provide opportunities and stimulants to the music world for young people who work, because it turns out that with streaming, music doesn’t just rely on people appearing on the screen or appearing at concerts, but can still be enjoyed. . This is what is interesting about the world of music. The 2021 Indonesia Music Awards are an incentive and stimulus for fellow musicians.”

In the Male Singer Of The Year category, the nominations were Andmesh Kamaleng, Iwan Fals, Judika, Mahen, Rizky Febian. But interestingly here, there is Rizky Febian who is the son of a famous comedian, also a talented solo singer in addition to his good voice Rizky Febian is also good at composing songs, almost all the hits he sings are his own creations.

In the Male Singer Of The Year category, Rizky Febian is the youngest nominee. In addition, many did not know beforehand that Rizky became famous not as a singer, but as a big screen film player along with his father.

Besides Rizky Febian, there are famous singers from NTT whose names are familiar and their songs, namely Andmesh Kamaleng and Judika who have a distinctive and unique voice. Andmesh and Judika are both graduates of the prestigious talent search for singers in Indonesia.

Her career in the world of singing is brilliant and her songs are always viral, Judika still continues to exist on the entertainment stage. as evidenced by one of his songs, ‘Putus or Continue’, which people know for sure.

For the Female Singer Of The Year category, the nominations are Anneth Delliecia, Happy Asmara, Lesti, Lyodra, Rossa. In this category, Anneth Delliecia is a dropout from the third season of Indonesian Idol Junior. Anneth became known for her song entitled, ‘Maybe Today Tomorrow Or Later’.

This song was composed by Anneth herself when she was 14 years old. The song went viral and tops the charts on various types of digital music platforms. Apart from singing, Anneth has also participated in fashion shows and photo models. Anneth even participated in the Indonesia Super Model fashion show competition in Balikpapan and won 2nd place.

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In the Duo/Group/Band Of The Year category, the nominations were Armada, Dewa 19, D’masiv, Maliq & d’essential, and Noah. All of them are top Indonesian bands. Dewa 19 band is the longest running band among the other nominees, many works have been created by Dewa 19. Many do not know that Dewa 19 in 2011 has actually disbanded. And in 2016 Dewa 19 released a compilation album called the 2000’s greatest, this album contains Dewa 19’s last single, Not Cinta Man Ordinary.

Support Indonesian music by voting for your favorite musicians via RCTI+ and Instagram @officialrcti and watch the peak night of IMA 2021 on RCTI on December 6, 2021 at 18.00 WIB. In addition to RCTI, IMA 2021 can also be watched on the RCTI+ application or at www.rctiplus.com.


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RCTI Collaboration with LangitMusik Presents the 2021 Indonesian Music Awards for the First Time : Okezone Celebrity

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