Sanremo 2022, Amadeus reveals all the names of the Big singers at the Festival: there are Morandi, Ranieri, Emma and Achille Lauro

Sanremo 2022 warm up the engines e Amadeus, conductor and artistic director of the festival for the third consecutive year, announces live on Tg1 the names of Big singers in the race. All this almost two months after the start of the festival. The artists who will take part in the 72nd edition are 22.

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Sanremo 2022, here are big singers in the race

The singers who have been admitted to the competition are: Elisa, Dargen D’Amico, Gianni Morandi, Ditonellapiaga and Donatella Rettore, Le Vibrazioni, Sangiovanni, Noemi, Massimo Ranieri, Ana Mena, The Representative of Lista, Highsnob and Hu, Emma, ​​Achille Lauro, Michele Bravi, Fabrizio Moro, Mahmood and Blanco, Irama, Giusy Ferreri, Giovanni Truppi, Aka7even, Rkomi, Iva Zanicchi.

Sanremo 2022, Amadeus on Tg1

The conductor and artistic director has chosen the news program of the flagship network to announce the list of singers who will take the stage of the Ariston and will make their song known to the Italian public. There were two connections during the edition conducted by Francesco Giorgino.

Sanremo 2022, the announcement of Amadeus

Amadeus announced the artists more than ten days in advance of the expected date of December 15th. He asked for and obtained an amendment to the Festival regulations in order to proceed, perhaps annoyed by the too many advances in circulation for weeks. The titles of the songs that will be presented in the competition at the Festival from 1 to 5 February will instead be announced during the live broadcast of the final of Sanremo Giovani, on Rai1 on 15 December. The evening, which will have Pippo Baudo as a guest, will also crown the two young winners, who will compete directly between the Bigs in February. In all, therefore, 24 artists will compete for the victory in February, without subdivisions into categories.

Sanremo 2022, the competing artists protagonists of Italian music

Among the artists competing there are the names that have made the history of Italian music, appreciated by the public of Rai1, but there is also a large representation of young people who grind streams on the platforms. A varied picture to please the widest possible audience. The totonomi had already revealed that she would return to the Ariston stage Elisa, winner in 2001 with Luce (Tramonti in the northeast), but she is not the only one to have triumphed at the festival: there is also Fabrizio Moro, who triumphed in 2018 with Ermal Meta and the song You did nothing to me, Massimo Ranieri, in 1988 with Losing love, Gianni Morandi, in 1987 together with Umberto Tozzi and Enrico Ruggeri with You can give more. Morandi knows the festival very well also for having presented it in 2012, the year in which Emma won with It’s not hell, she too among the 22 Big. Among those who also triumphed Mahmood (in 2019 with Soldi) that shows up with Blanco. Iva Zanicchi, which even has on his side three wins (1967, 1969, 1974), returns to Ariston after 12 years.

Sanremo 2022, young people in the race

Full-bodied patrol of young people called to the Riviera: Sangiovanni (coming from the last Friends and King of the summer charts with Malibu), Aka 7even (also in high altitude Friends), Rkomi (his Taxi Driver was one of the most streamed albums of the year). Rhythm, who last year was forced to perform “remotely” due to contact with a positive, try again. Surprising, but not too much, is the presence for the fourth consecutive year of Achille Lauro: competing in 2019 and 2020, regular guest in 2021 and now competing again, thanks to its scenic power and the ability to attract attention. They also have numerous holdings to their credit Noemi e Giusy Ferreri. The Spanish also made it Ana Mena, who with Rocco Hunt climbed the Italian and Spanish rankings. Among the names announced also the songwriters Michele Bravi, Giovanni Truppi, the songwriter Dargen D’Amico e Highsnob e HU, rapper the first, an all-round artist the second, already passed through Sanremo Giovani last year. Among the noble names also that of Donatella Rector together with the young woman Ditonellapiega. The band quota this year is very limited: only The Vibrations e The List Representative, after the excellent test of last year, they took off the pass for the Ariston. To these 22 will be added two other artists arriving among the 12 finalists of Sanremo Young (Bais, Martina Beltrami, Destro, Esseho, Littamè, Oli ?, Matteo Romano, Samia, Senza Cri, Tananai, Vittoria and Yuman).

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Sanremo 2022, Amadeus reveals all the names of the Big singers at the Festival: there are Morandi, Ranieri, Emma and Achille Lauro

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