Sanremo 2022, the report cards and the comments of the “first plays”: Ranieri and Elisa convince, they disappoint Achille Lauro, Sangiovanni and Michele Bravi

More than the Festival of the restart, that of 2022 will be the Festival of the reconfirmation of Amadeus. Certainly for his musical choices. The 25 songs that we have listened to and that will be competing at the 72nd edition of Sanremo (on Rai1, from 1 to 5 February 2022), are songs thought and reasoned. With him there is no longer the conception of the “Sanremo song” which, whether you want it or not, followed a predictable melodic line. In his Festival there can be anything. Because music is music, and it cannot be caged in a standard “Festival yes” and “Festival no” song.

The choice of songs “does not necessarily have to occupy boxes” of a musical genre, he said after the ratings concluded in Rai with the press. And how “there must be no “rock” song at all costsThere may be nothing else. Amadeus chooses, and knows how to choose, as few artistic directors in the history of the Festival – let’s face it – have been able to do.

He knows how it works with music, he brings it to TV and thinks about it for the radio. The majority of the 25 in the competition are radio songs, as we have become accustomed to in these three years of artistic direction. In the lyrics there is no mention of Covid (except for a few fleeting hints with just a few words, such as “masks” or “the end of the world”), a theme that has not even arrived “among the discarded songs,” says Amadeus. There is love, desire to feel good, freedom, sex, lightness, a term that embraces everything and everyone. Dance and ballad reign supreme, little (very little) rock, a little Latin sound. For the series: the desire to return to breathe healthy normality is all there. Even on the stage of the Ariston. And if on the guests – in addition to those already announced – Amadeus is not unbalanced (“I will communicate them only after negotiations are closed to TG1”), the presence of the Måneskin seems certain, winners of the previous edition. “It will be a festival in the middle, between that of two years ago (without restrictions) and that of last yearWith the theater empty. This is what the artistic director hopes. This is what everyone hopes for. By reviewing the songs in the competition, 25 in all including the three young people of the New Proposals (Matteo Romano, Yuman and Tananai), here are votes and comments. Always considering that it is a first listen, a first quick roundup of lyrics and music, without the orchestra and without the live performance. And live, everything can be reviewed. Including the judgments.

Sanremo, five women for Amadeus: from Muti to Ferilli, who will join him on stage. No by Jovanotti

Sanremo, Cesare Cremonini super guest

ACHILLE LAURO – “Sunday” – 5

“Love is an overdose” and “Fuck the Rolling Stones”, “it swallows me like a boa / She says” how dare you “”. Hilarious text, between “romance” and “porn”. Live music. Sure, it’s a pop that whistles Rolls Royce. But it is also true that we must imagine him accompanied by the Harlem Gospel Choir, which Achille Lauro will take to the stage.

GIUSY FERRERI – “Honey” – 6

Retro atmospheres. Warm sounds. Exciting rhythm. A pop that translated into “Honey” becomes a nostalgic and desperate cry of love (“Why don’t you run to me tonight / I left you a music in the wind / I hope you talk about me”). The writing is by Davide Petrella. Six hands music with Federica Abbate, Takagi and Ketra.

MICHELE BRAVI – “Winter of flowers” ​​- 5

On the throne of the song is humanity. Along with violins and a broken, whispered voice. It starts with low sounds to open up in the chorus. It tastes like poetry: “Sometimes silence burns like a wound, The heart loses a beat does not breathe under the weight of life”. Among others, the signatures of Alfredo Rapetti Mogol and Federica Abbate appear.

RKOMI – “Unsurpassable” – 6

An electric shock ignites Rkomi at her first Festival. It starts with “Love for me is electricity” and continues “The message on your lips / it was like a traffic light, Taxi driver”, citing Scorsese’s film, but also his latest album. An overwhelming love, accompanied by guitar chords between pop and rock and ending with “one hundred and eighty thousand turns on a coupe” and “” two Molotov cocktails in flames “.

IRAMA – “Wherever you will be” – 5.5

A ballad between canticle of creatures and prayer. “If you are wind you will sing / If you are water you will shine / If you are what I will be / And if you are time I will wait for you forever”. Nostalgic and emotional song. Orchestra and voice in symbiosis.

NOEMI – “I love you I can’t say” – 6.5

An andante that becomes more and more andante, as you get to the chorus. Dynamism and metrics cheekily joke with Noemi’s voice which certainly lends itself without much effort. Among the signatures appear Mahmood, Dario Faini and the young Alessandro La Cava. “I’m not afraid / of feeling empty inside a sea / of words lost on the seabed.” And the words are at the center “the only bullet between you and me”.

MASSIMO RANIERI – “Letter from beyond the sea” – 8

Track from other times. The ever-present theme: emigration. An intense and cutting ballad, with its masterful interpretation. “Love you see so dark this sea is too big not to tremble”. It is all to be listened to. So Massimo Ranieri returns to Ariston after 25 years.

AKA 7VEN – “Perfect like this” – 6

An andantissimo enthralling beyond “defects” and “imperfections” of the “Baby” of the text. A contemporary pop, to dance and to accompany with your hands. “And smile / Because when you do it you kill me.” A song that is a step ahead for Aka 7ven at his first Sanremo.

EMMA – “Every time it’s like this” – 6

A text that speaks of a past. Of a love that does not exist and thrives on memories. “Every time it is like this”, “We are saints or whores”, in a refrain that revolves around “And I believed you when you swore to me you were crazy about me”. An energetic and enthralling ballad, written jointly with Dario Faini and Davide Petrella. To direct Emma on the stage of the Ariston, will be Francesca Michielin.

HIGHSNOB & HU – “Take care of yourself” – 6.5

A beautiful dialogue between the two made up of text, music and voice. The melodic line is beautiful. Get to the center. Love, farewell, hope are sung. And between a “Take care of yourself”, a “I lose my mind like Holofernes” we arrive at the end, the “goodbye wherever you are”.

IVA ZANICCHI – “I want to love you” – 7

The lady of music returns by diving into the 80s. The sounds are those. Sing about love, passion, desire. “I want to love you for what you have in your heart and still feel alive in you”. And then the rock guitar solo.

D’ARGEN D’AMICO – “Where to dance” – 6.5

We dance and we will dance, as the title states. The rapper and DJ arrives in Sanremo at a dance rhythm: “Fottitene and dance / Among the wrecks / Dance to stay afloat in the Mediterranean nightmares”. The reference is to the desire for sociability. That desire that makes “pà para-rà Pararà pa-pà”.

SANGIOVANNI – “Butterflies” – 5

The identity is always the same. Reminiscent of “Malibu”, enthralling and swaying. Pop dance rhythm that leaves room for instruments at the center of the song. “And I haven’t told anyone / that I’ve lost my mind / and I’m crazy about you.”

YUMAN – “Now and here” – 6.5

From Sanremo Young people, soul and black music give a boost to Yuman’s song. Interesting sound. The voice, too. “Now and here, finally I / can say that I’m fine if my voice shakes a little / I stop and enjoy the light, even if it were an instant, yes”.


Don’t expect a copy of “Amare”. The track in competition with which Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina return to Sanremo after last year’s success is totally different. A funky dance score. From the contemporary text. She plays and jokes with her voice in an ups and downs of treble. And a lively refrain: “With your hands, with your feet, with your head, Ciao Ciao”.

MAHMOOD & BLANCO – “Chills” – 6.5

A well-mannered duo. Mahmood and Blanco have an urban, contemporary, modern, witty piece, which rests on a score that travels on a metronome speeds up and slows down. And then, the piano, the strings, the basses. “Naked with shivers, sometimes I don’t know how to express myself and I would like to love you, but I’m always wrong”.

GIANNI MORANDI – “Open all the doors” – 6.5

A revival score of distant years, enthralling, a la Morandi and with the verve of Lorenzo Jovanotti. A lallalero lallalà that does not make you stand still, right from the start (oops, you have already listened to a piece!). “You’re going fast / Open all the doors / Play all the cards / Let the sun in.” The legendary Gianni returns to the Festival.

MATTEO ROMANO – “Viral” – 5

In the chorus it recalls in a softer way Mahmood’s Money. From TikTok to Sanremo Giovani, it brings a contemporary song, between new sounds and a more classic pop. “Phrases written halfway, if true I don’t know / I’ll fly even among the skyscrapers”. Among the authors appears Federico Rossi, ex of the duo Benji & Fede.

THE VIBRATIONS – “A lot” – 5.5

The guitars and the rocking sound of the band returns to the Ariston with an energetic and brilliant song. “We call love, how many times / we pretend not to remember the name / that you hear under your breath and how”. Desire, torment, passion and “wasted opportunities”. Because “there was a time to give and take” / “I learned to feel good in the middle always”.

FABRIZIO MORO – “It’s you” – 6.5

The intro on the piano anticipates the piece. A romantic, poignant, damn classic melody. A dedication “It is you who injects destiny into my blood / and accompanies my steps as if I were a child / you are the most beautiful thing I have always defended / and you defeated my doubts when I had given up.” One of the most intense ballads of the Festival It will be the soundtrack of the forthcoming film.

ELISA – “Or maybe it’s you” – 7

Elisa intones like few others. And this ballad is of unsettling beauty. A Disney classic that always pleases. “Maybe it’s you, among the lights of a thousand cities, among the usual advertising that excuse to make me laugh a little”. His victory at the Festival, 21 years ago with Luce.


Together I’m a crazy metronome. It will be a question of “who-who-who-who – who – who – chemistry”, but the two shameless light the fire on a track that is a crazy turntable. Erotic. Panted. An overwhelming orgasm that also knows how to sing: “And if I stay I come repeatedly / and I don’t care about modesty / the nuns I totally give a damn”.

GIOVANNI TRUPPI – “Your father, my mother, Lucia” – 6

Elegant. Refined. Sometimes complex. The song by Giovanni Truppi, the Neapolitan singer-songwriter for the first time in Sanremo, is to be listened to carefully. “The heads are shining and the stars are twinkling / cover my face and don’t let me do anything / hold me tighter and let me say yes again”. Among the signatures appear Gino De Crescenzo “Pacifico” and Niccolò Contessa (of the band I Cani).

TANANAI – “Casual sex” – 5.5

A very lively one. From Sanremo Giovani, Tananai begins with a nice song that at times seems to come out of a cartoon. “Baby come back to me and put that gun away.” He quotes De Niro. “Don’t worry about us, never calm down, calm down, I never liked her”. Among the authors is Paolo Antonacci, son of Biagio (and grandson of Morandi).

ANA MENA – “Two hundred thousand hours” – 5

Latin-like. Imbued with electronics. Easily danceable. “When the night comes / He loves me, he loves me not a flower / Latin America” ​​… and so the Spanish singer sings a tune that immediately enters his head. Rocco Hunt signs the text, while the music is written with Federica Abbate and Zef.

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Sanremo 2022, the report cards and the comments of the “first plays”: Ranieri and Elisa convince, they disappoint Achille Lauro, Sangiovanni and Michele Bravi

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