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JAKARTA– I can’t believe it’s been more than 16 years of the band Drive working in the Indonesian music scene. To mark this moment, the band, which is now fronted by Arizki as the vocalist, did a rebranding or their massive transformation.

This ‘new face’ is realized through the release of the album ‘’ (red: revival) which is the beginning of the third phase of Drive’s career journey. The first is the 2007-2011 era, the second is 2011-2021, and the third started in 2018 when Arizki & Rudy Joe started to join.


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Carrying a more upbeat and rock-sounding musical style, Drive also presents a work entitled ‘Love Can Be So Rough’ as the first single as well as the main song on the album.

“Many friends in Indonesia know that Drive is a slow and mellow song, even though the first drive itself was originally up beat songs, so rock,” said Budi Raharjo who is familiarly called Bhusdeq during Live Instagram at @okezonecom, Thursday ( 16/12/2021) afternoon.

Actually the lyrics of the song ’Love Can Be So Rough’ it describes the other side of love. If most songs glorify the beauty of love, in this song love is presented in accordance with reality: not smooth, full of struggle, and even the secrets of the past.

“The truth is, in a love relationship, we can’t expect anything perfect. Humans save many sides of life, so don’t just hope for smoothness from love, “said Arizki the vocalist about the meaning of the song ‘Love Can Be So Rough.’

Changes are not only in terms of musicality, but also occur in the album artwork theme to the band logo. This new logo implies a timeless passion for music as well as the achievement of unlimited creativity.

Besides looking original and imaginative, this time Drive features a character named Athena. Even the creation of this character is also followed by a narrative about the background of his life.

“Athens is actually one of the names of our team. Then we say ‘your name is good too’ we finally use it. But apart from that, Athena also symbolizes 2 sides of life, namely sad and happy times, and that has also marked Drive’s career journey so far,” explained Bhusdeq.

As part of making the album, Drive has also prepared some video content. Starting from music videos, live video sessions, Drive in Drive, and even web-series. Everything is packed with cool and super creative audio-video quality.

This sixth Drive album deserves to be called the new face of Drive and really deserves to be enjoyed. Songs with unique compositions and lyrics, as well as Arizki’s distinctive vocal sound, especially with the Dolby Atmos surround audio system, will take you beyond the limits of your imagination.

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Seeing the New Face of the Drive Band Group Through the Release of the Album ‘Revival’ : Okezone Celebrity

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