Synopsis Ikatan Cinta: Rape Case Rape, Aldebaran snapped Andin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Love Bond Episode 503 shows Aldebaran’s anger towards Andin. This happened because Mr. Sanusi said that Roy was the perpetrator of the rape that was experienced by Jessica 7 years ago.

Hearing Mr. Sanusi’s words, Mama Rosa was known to be stressed and chose to stay in her room. Meanwhile, Andin, who said the wrong thing about Roy’s treatment of Jessica, was actually yelled at by Al.

Al seems to believe that the perpetrator of the rape is not his sister. However, he has no evidence to reveal this.

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Surprisingly, Jessica Recognizes Iqbal What Happens Next?

In yesterday’s episode, Denis Setiano’s fiance, Vera, was approached by Aldebaran and Rendi at his residence. Unfortunately, Vera chose to remain silent because she had been threatened by Iqbal’s men and asked to shut up in front of Aldebaran.

However, Aldebaran had time to give his business card to Vera. He hoped that the woman would change her mind and come with him to search for Denis Setiano’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sanusi, Mama Rosa’s messenger, was seen approaching a man who claimed to have information regarding Jessica, Hartawan Alfahri’s secretary, as well as Andin’s cousin. After that, he even called Rosa’s mother to explain it directly.

While at Alfahri’s residence, Mr. Sanusi said that 7 years ago Jessica had experienced an unpleasant incident. He was known to have experienced rape and Roy was named as the culprit, because Jessica had gone with her sister from Aldebaran the night of the incident.

Iqbal is known to be the mastermind behind the report that a man gave to Mr. Sanusi. He seems to want to ask Alfahri’s family to no longer focus on the search for Denis Setiano.

Meanwhile, Katherin is seen being attacked by someone who seems to be an order from Iqbal. Moreover, Katherin had already crossed paths with Iqbal, who was a prisoner, while in Irvan Pratama’s office.

Worried about endangering himself, Iqbal finally asked someone to attack Katherin. However, Rendi’s presence helps his lover, making Iqbal’s plan fail. The driver from Katherin was also known to immediately take the person to the police station.

At the orphanage, Jessica was seen contacting her father and asked the man to come immediately. After Irvan came, Jessica immediately questioned her father with quite a number of questions regarding Iqbal who entered Elsa’s room and gave him a piece of newspaper containing news related to Roy Alfahri.

Irvan argues that he is afraid that his daughter has a close relationship with Elsa who is a murderer. However, Jessica begged her father not to bother Elsa anymore, because this was the first time she felt that she had a friend.

Jessica’s request made Irvan immediately contact Iqbal. He looks angry with his trusted person, because he has been negligent in carrying out his duties.

What happened to Rosa’s mother after hearing the news that Roy was the one who raped Jessica? What made Iqbal tell people to say that Roy was the perpetrator of Jessica’s rape? What will Irvan do to Iqbal to put Elsa back in prison?

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Synopsis Ikatan Cinta: Rape Case Rape, Aldebaran snapped Andin : Okezone Celebrity

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