The data confirm the second youth of radio

How was 2021 for Italian radios? Certainly positive. The old and dear radio has been able to renew itself and conquer more and more listeners. According to the latest TER (Radio Editors’ Table) surveys – relating to radio listening – all the main networks are growing. Via Asiago is celebrated for the leap of Rai Radio2 which sees an increase in the average share, up in 2021 by + 12% compared to 2019 (last year entirely recorded), with 2753 million listeners on an average day (+ 6.5%). The performance of the network directed by Paola Marchesini was also brilliant in the second half of 2021, which grew by + 7.9% with over 2664 million listeners compared to the second half of 2020, the only one recorded for the year.

RTL 102.5 confirms once again in first place in the standings, it is the most followed radio vision in Italy. Conquer 6.5 million listeners against the 6.3 million previously recorded. «Even in the average quarter of an hour – explains a note from the network headed by Lorenzo Suraci – there is a growth with 540 thousand listeners against the 513 thousand of the latest data. In practice, RTL 102.5 – on an average day – always remains the leader in the radio market ». The other two stations of the group are also growing: Radiofreccia and Radio Zeta. The first has almost 1.3 million listeners (compared to 1.1 million previously recorded) and in the average quarter of an hour it reaches 109 thousand compared to 92 thousand in the last survey.

Great satisfaction also a Radio Sound Size which legitimizes the second position among the most listened to radios at 4.923 million on the GMI and a growth on the AQH of over 6.5% over this last semester, compared with the second semester of 2020. “Happy that the radio universe is back with all the positive indices and practically in line with the 2019 pre covid both on the GMI at 34.447 million and on the AQH at 6.419 which denotes the tone of the medium and the affection of the listeners “, is the comment of Eduardo Montefusco, president of RDS 100% Great Successes.

Per RadioMediaset another year on the shields. According to the latest TER (Radio Publishers Table) data relating to radio listening in the second half of 2021 + year 2021, the five stations to which the radio activities belong make the Mediaset Group once again the first national radio group. According to the surveys carried out from 15 June to 13 December 2021, Radio 105, Virgin, R101, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Subasio collected 19.4% of listeners in the average quarter of an hour from 6 to 24, and 36.5% of listeners on the average day yesterday according to the data referring to the second half of the year.

Goblets raised also a Radio Kiss Kiss which confirms its constant growth over the last 10 years, reaching 3,398,000 listeners on an average day in the second half of 2021, according to the Neapolitan network. “This is a growth of around 8% compared to the second half of 2020, also confirmed by the growth of the AQH with + 19% compared to the same period”.

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The data confirm the second youth of radio

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