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JAKARTA – Marriage is a beautiful start for every couple. But the next journey is not always colored with happiness.

Problems that come incessantly can make a relationship tenuous. This can be seen in the original series Vision+ The 7th episode of Life Cycle entitled Sedentary.

This series in collaboration with Being Human has 9 episodes that discuss various problems in the journey of human life. Episode 7 of the Life Cycle tells the story of a husband and wife who have to re-evaluate their parenting style as well as their relationship.

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Dwi, played by Lukman Sardi, and Tere, played by Imelda Therinne, have an only child named Banyu. One day, they are forced to attend a call from the school due to bullying by their child.

Dwi considered that the incident was a trivial matter, because according to him it was natural for boys to be involved in violence. In contrast to Dwi, Tere was so worried about his son’s condition.

He then invited Dwi to go see a child psychologist so that the incident that happened to his son would not happen again.

Dwi and Tere’s relationship, which is not as intimate as it used to be, makes both of them fight a lot, making it difficult to find a solution. Debates have also become unavoidable, both regarding child psychologists, Dwi’s work which often works overtime, Tere’s organization whose schedule is so tight, and the relationship between the two.

Tere realized that they had been the cause of the problem. The reason is that poor communication between the two actually affected Banyu.

“This episode focuses on a modern husband and wife who are both busy with all the problems that exist, and have one child. Make me something interesting, we talk about humans themselves, how life develops, and how life goes,” said Lukman Sardi, who plays the character Dwi at the Life Cycle Press Conference, Monday, November 29, 2021.

How do Dwi and Tere solve this problem? Will their marriage be harmonious again? Watch episode 7 Life Cycle: Sedentary Exclusive to Vision+.

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The Story of Efforts to Maintain Marriage, Follow the Life Cycle Episode 7 on Vision+ : Okezone Celebrity

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