TV series, the top ten of the best of 2021: here are the ones not to be missed

The year that is about to end, 2021, is certainly the one that sanctioned the consecration of the TV series. The global lockdown has sparked interest in this entertainment product, launched in the streaming ether, by a plurality of platforms, where however few remain to have the primacy.

It was a poor year of cinema and very rich in serial titles, a crowd that may have obscured interesting titles, which we try to point out in this article. Obviously, tastes remain (fortunately) always subjective, but we will try to make a synthesis between the titles that have been talked about a lot and the more niche ones, perhaps to be seen for the first time.

Let’s get the tooth out right now. Squid Game and his “one, two, three star” with machine gun from the robot doll is already cult. Hyperviolent, beautiful in the original language, a criticism of the obsession with money that pushes us to accept a destiny already written, difficult to forget. South Korea is the new country to keep an eye on in terms of originality. Throw a look at Hellbound (another interesting title) and the brand new The Silent Sea, a mission to the moon with some Squid Games actors, all on Netlflix.

Let’s get the second tooth out with another Netflix cult title. Tear along the edges of ZeroCalcare it has been talked about, re-talked about, controversial for the Roman slang of the protagonist, in any case a fresh, original, funny and moving product. A must see without a doubt.

Let’s get into the genre. The horror of Them, Amazon Prime Video title, the son of Jordan Peele’s black horror themes, Oscar winner for Get Out. Racism towards blacks told in an asphyxiated, demonic American society of the 1950s, where the middle class conquers the house with a garden in the suburban neighborhoods of the province. Supernatural colors to tell the horror hidden in the tidy house of the neighbor, up to the founding fathers of the wild west. A small masterpiece.

Gomorrah closes its doors and restores dignity to Italian seriality. Good actors, unknown and magnificent faces, two ordinary actors, Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore who have become superstars, a perfect machine that captivated millions of spectators, despite the evil at the center of the story. The fifth season starts weak for an imaginable epilogue, but then the writing takes over and leads us to a powerful, poetic and very right ending for Ciro and Gennaro and for the spectators. Obviously on Sky.

We begin to see the Eighties with that mixture of tenderness and nostalgia, for an era that is too cool. And then you look for the age of the two protagonists on wikipedia Ralph Macchio e William Zabka… 60 years, isn’t that too old to still play teenagers? No, no, indeed episode after episode Cobra Kai, with its 30-minute light format, it becomes the daily appointment, the digestive after the binge. Light, anachronistic, metacinematographic, a game of mirrors between yesterday and today, which makes you want to take out your Walkman to listen only to music on tape. We look forward to the fourth season to update the count of all the characters passed on Karate Kid and recovered from oblivion. On Netflix.

Kate Winslet is the heir to Meryl Streep point. Murder in Easttown, miniseries on Sky is yet another confirmation. A depressed, out of shape policewoman, after all not even an attentive mother who did what she could. No botox or makeup for Winslet, who appears in jeans and sweatshirts with flaky hair and is real and beautiful. In the background, the murder of a girl, the malice of the small provincial community, the guilt and clarity of a detective who tries to solve the case, while her life sucks. Interesting title.

Wesley Snipes certainly not the actor of the moment and Kevin Hart, who outside the States, let’s face it, is a nobody. The two in the Netflix series, True Story, they are brothers, the first is a penniless, messy, bankrupt and parasite of the second, the younger, but hugely successful comedian and actor worth 20 million dollars a film. The two, after all, hate each other, but they are brothers. Indeed, the first hates the second, who remains embroiled in a terrible story from which he must absolutely get out in order not to lose everything, absolutely everything. A little gem found among the Netflix titles, you start watching with one eye, then captures them both and becomes a continuous cliffhanger, a hook that does not give up, until the bombshell ending.

Apple TV + still makes few titles to really enter the global competition, but they are of the highest quality products. The Morning Show it has a scary cast, Steve Carrell, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon, but all the others are perfectly in part, for a story that on paper looks like just a series about competition on a news program on American TV … in fundamentally, the theme is rather trivial. Yes, but the pace, especially in the first season, is tight, played at a high level and everything works perfectly. Very interesting title, perhaps a little hidden.

Another tooth was missing from the appeal. The Paper House 5 says goodbye to its fans around the world, confirms itself as the most global serial product of the last 10 years and does not completely abandon its aficionados with the spin-off on Berlin, the most interesting character in the Spanish cult series, a real ace in the hole for Netflix .

Maid has earned a spot in the best series of 2021. Also this on Netflix, is the television adaptation of the story told in the autobiographical novel by Stephanie Land, which tells the daily sacrifices of a mother who wants to survive, despite hard work and low pay. Match on the sly has been in the ranking among the most viewed titles in Italy for weeks and deserves to be seen. Guaranteed emotion.

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TV series, the top ten of the best of 2021: here are the ones not to be missed

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