Valeria Marini to Verissimo: “I risked losing my eye, I was afraid”

Valeria Marini guest a very true tells what happened to her in the last few months talking about the severe eye disease for which it is due operate urgently. The showgirl explains what happened to her and how she gets upthe pathology led her to re-evaluate many things in her life.

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Valeria tells Silvia toffanin his ordeal “I had a fairly severe macular hole, I risked losing my left eye and I was very afraid, first because I am very apprehensive and then because I had several checkups and I did well because the surgeon urgently operated on the Sant’Eugenio. The surgery lasted two hours, it was an anomalous situation, but luckily everything seems to have gone well ».

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When Silvia Toffanin he asks her how she noticed that something was wrong she explains: “When I left Superviventes, the doctor found a small thing in my eye and told me to let the ophthalmologist see me when I returned to Italy and my doctor told me it was serious and I had to operate. Even there at the beginning I tried to escape the problem but day after day I saw worse and I took courage and I have an operation.“. However, the path to recovery is long and it will not be easy: “Keeping my eye covered makes me feel better because I have to exercise my eyesight. Now I have a glass lens and I have to do some exercises. Getting back to normal will depend on me, from exercises to rehabilitation“. This experience made a mark Valeria who admits that it hasn’t been an easy time, but has always faced everything with optimism.

Then the showgirl talks about her participation in Superviventese, explaining that she was very well received by Spanish TV: “I enjoyed it a lot, even if it cost me the eye, but it was a good experience“. Even earlier he had made the Isola dei Famosi in Italy, Toffanin recalls: “Yes but it’s different, at Superviventes I was the Italian star and I was always nominated, but for me it was a way to disconnect from the tense situation I was experiencing, but I repeat it was a good experience».

There was no lack of memory of Rossano Rubicondi: «I was very sorry, we felt when he came to Italy, we loved each other very much and to know of his death in such a sudden way I was really very sorry».

When Silvia asks her about love: “I’m single, but I’m recovering. I’m scared of love, I’m always looking for it but in the end I am disappointed. I admit to having had many disappointments, but I don’t stop believing in love. I don’t lack suitors, but I’m scared precisely because I’m fragile and I’m afraid of being disappointed. I honestly think I deserve it, I have always given a lot of love, I like to give lightness and happiness».

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Valeria Marini to Verissimo: “I risked losing my eye, I was afraid”

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