Warganet Nyiyir Lesti Kejora Gives Birth Faster, Rizky Billar Upset : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Rizky Billar couple and Ready Kejora being happy. The reason is that they have just been blessed with a male child on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

However, there is a slanted issue in the midst of happiness Rizky Billiards and Lesti Kejora. Apparently there are netizens who have problems with the dancer who reportedly gave birth earlier than expected, aka premature.


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According to the netizen, the children of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar, the time has come, aka not premature. “Sis, he said it was premature, but how come it seems like it’s time to give birth,” said one netizen, quoted from Rizky Billar’s Insta Story, Tuesday (12/28/2021).

Seeing the message on his Instagram DM, Rizky Billar immediately expressed his frustration. He was even seen writing a long statement to answer the netizen.

“This is an example of people whose hearts have been blinded by envy and hatred for the happiness of others,” said Rizky Billar.

“Okay, I will explain one by one. First, it is impossible for doctors to issue statements that are not in accordance with the reality that is happening because this is related to brand reputation and code of ethics,” he continued.

“Secondly, you think that my wife doesn’t look sick, so she doesn’t suffer when she has to have continuous contractions, you know what it feels like to have stomach contractions and back pain? Have you ever been pregnant? present with the presence of our baby,” he continued.

“Third, do you think we want our baby to be premature? With the possibility that we will be temporarily separated from our child? Not to mention we also have to be prepared to deal with people whose hearts have been blinded by hatred like you, who are explained in any detail will not understand or indeed didn’t want to understand. But in the end we had to follow the doctor’s advice because that was what was best for our family,” he explained.

Rizky Billar also added that the netizen did not apologize. The actor will not hesitate to facilitate the netizen to meet and explain.

“This also applies to people who don’t actually know but feel they know best and guess at life and gossip about us on other accounts and so on. Insha Allah I will facilitate for us to meet for the reasons described above,” he explained.

When writing the post, Rizky Billar admitted that he was quite emotional. He even admitted that he did not accept that his wife and children were viewed negatively by a few people.

“Until I get excited typing this, I don’t accept that my son and his mother are being manipulated,” he said.

After uploading the post, Rizky Billar was seen again displaying an Instagram account belonging to someone who asked about the premature birth of his child. Unfortunately, the person is a man who already has two children.

“It turns out that this bang *** is a guy, and already has children. We are both fathers, bro. But my mind is not as narrow as yours and my heart is not as dirty as yours. Waiting for our meeting, bro,” concluded Billar.

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Warganet Nyiyir Lesti Kejora Gives Birth Faster, Rizky Billar Upset : Okezone Celebrity

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