Yogie Nandes Promotes the Minang Pop Genre through his New Single Tahalang Restu : Okezone Celebrity

SINGER There are not too many young people involved in the Malay-dangdut genre, one of them is Yogie Nandes. Now, approaching the end of 2021, the finalist of the 2015 Indonesian Dangdut Contest (KDI) is ready to release the single “Tahalang Restu” under the auspices of Sony Music Entertainment.

The song, which describes a love story that failed due to the disapproval of parents, was composed by Teuku Shafiq with the help of Yogie for writing the lyrics. “The making of “Tahalang Restu” is more dominantly done by Bang Shafiq. Initially, Bang Shafiq composed songs with Indonesian lyrics. When it was about to be clearly translated into Minang language, it actually felt strange. Because of that, I helped find lyrics that have the same meaning and meaning as those made by Bang Shafiq,” explained the owner of the full name Yogie Novarionandes.

The idea to invite Teuku Shafiq to collaborate in making the single “Tahalang Restu” came from this man who was born in Bukittinggi, November 14, 1992, himself. “Remembering Him”

is a composer who still has Malay blood, so I think Bang Shafiq is a person who really understands Malay pop and Minang pop. The process is also quite fast because it only takes about two weeks.”

According to Yogie, the theme of this song fits the conditions that still exist in today’s society, especially the Minang people. “In modern times like this, love blocked by blessing is still everywhere. So, it still relates to the events that are in our midst. In some areas, especially Minang, there are still parents who do not approve of their child’s relationship because of regional differences, ethnicity, culture, and developing stereotypes. I guess,

songs with the theme “love that is blocked by blessing” are rarely used, like most other troubled love songs.”

Apparently, the desire to release a single by carrying the Minang pop genre has been buried by Yogie for a long time. Therefore, when the Sony Music Entertainment team proposed this concept, without thinking, the pop, jazz and Malay music lover immediately agreed. “As a Minang son, of course I am happy to be invited to make a song that emphasizes Minang elements. The West Sumatran market will of course be the target of its release later, but I also want to be able to introduce regional-language songs to a national scale, such as songs from East Indonesian and Javanese singer friends who have managed to have a special place in the ears of music lovers.”

Although he pursues the Malay pop genre and is a native son of Minang, “Tahalang Restu” is the first time that this admirer of musicians Josh Groban and Stevie Wonder uses his local language as song lyrics. Previously, he mostly carried the Indonesian-language pop ballad genre. “With the release of “Tahalang Restu,” I hope, this single can be accepted by Indonesian music listeners in general and add to the list of songs in regional languages ​​that are loved nationally.”

Yogie Nandes’ single “Tahalang Restu” can be heard on digital platforms starting January 14, 2022.


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Yogie Nandes Promotes the Minang Pop Genre through his New Single Tahalang Restu : Okezone Celebrity

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