Concepts of extraterrestrial missions to match higher ambitions. POLSA selected the contractors

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Among those indicated on November 10 this year contractors of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) were both enterprises and research and development centers, mainly within the notified target consortia. The indicated topics of implementation are divided into parts – from I to IV, corresponding to: scientific missions in the field of observational astronomy, celestial body research, exploration and exploitation of nearby planets, as well as the Moon; optical Earth observation; Earth observation radar (using synthetic aperture radar – SAR); the concept of cosmic application of the latest solutions and technological trends (artificial intelligence, optical, electronic and robotic systems, as well as specialized materials). Moreover, in the description of the subject of the contract there was another category – telecommunications and satellite navigation, but the announced results of the tender did not refer to it directly.

The order in part I. (concerning the scientific concept of a space mission) was won by a consortium of contractors led by the Astronomical Center. Nicolaus Copernicus of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Other partners in the project are the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Creotech Instruments company. The execution of the order in this regard was estimated at PLN 202,802.50 (gross).

In part II. (topic in the field of optical observation of the Earth), the choice fell on the offer of a consortium with the leading role of the Wroclaw company Scanway. The other partners in this area of ​​the contract will be Creotech Instruments and Blue Dot Solutions. The cost in this case is PLN 105,165.00 gross.

Next, III. part of the contract (relating to the concept of radar imaging from orbit) was carried out by a single company – ICEYE Polska. The approved gross offer price is PLN 120,540.00.

In the last indicated dimension (part IV – the concept of applying innovative solutions in a space mission), the order was sent to the Gliwice-based KP Labs company. In this case, the cost is to amount to PLN 104,550.00 gross.

Offers in all areas of the POLSA order under consideration were accepted until October 6 this year. The tender was conducted in the basic mode without negotiations.

Creotech Instruments, present in the first two consortia, assumes that the carrier of the satellites described in the conceptual works will be the company’s proprietary satellite platform. “These projects increase the probability of the implementation of space missions based on the Company’s main product, which is the HyperSat microsatellite platform” – indicated in the commemorative announcement.

The competition for offers regarding the implementation of the concept of space missions (combined with a feasibility assessment) with full or significant Polish involvement, announced by the Polish Space Agency, lasted from the end of September. This is the first of the announced series of POLSA’s directional orders.

The recruitment process relates to the scope of services qualified as feasibility studies, advisory services and analyzes. Concepts developed in designated areas of expected Polish space missions are to be delivered within 6 weeks from the conclusion of the contract, but not later than by December 15 this year.

More details on the implementation and results of the POLSA contract – on the website of the purchasing platform.

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Concepts of extraterrestrial missions to match higher ambitions. POLSA selected the contractors

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