“Music would had been a path I would have love to gone down or worked for NASA” – Lewis Hamilton shares his desire of being a musician or scientist if he would had not been an F1 driver – The SportsRush

Lewis Hamilton answers school kids’ questions about vacation, music, being a NASA scientist, and women’s diversity in F1.

In 2020, Mercedes announced an innovative partnership with Mulberry School trust. Together they launched the Mulberry STEM Academy.

This program provides an extra-curricular program in science, technology, engineering, and maths education. The school-going kids got to ask the seven-time world champion some questions related to F1.

Let us look at some of them below:

Lewis Hamilton on diversity in Formula One

Isra from Mulberry Academy Shoreditch asked if as a girl, she can become a Formula 1 driver. Hamilton emphasized that she can ‘100 percent’ become a Formula One driver. He further added that he hopes to see female drivers from the W series joining F1 in the near future.

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Continuing on the subject of equality and women’s involvement in the sport, Nyela asked the Briton for ways F1 can attract more women to the sport.

The Seven times World champion explained that F1 is a male dominant sport. Be it on the engineering side or the driver side, there is a huge lack of diversity in the sport. Hamilton is helping by spreading awareness to the hiring managers to sign women in the sport.

On Track to Vacation

Mimi inquired if the Briton gets weary of racing all the time. Hamilton went over all of the different off-track things with her.

Nonetheless, he stated that an F1 driver’s life is more than just driving the car. The drivers participate in commercial picture sessions, and race trips, and assist the team with vehicle development. Furthermore, Hamilton stated that driving on tracks is similar to “going to a new theme park every weekend and riding a new rollercoaster.”

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Have you ever wondered what goes in minds of the drivers while racing? Purno posed this thought-provoking inquiry. Hamilton had a straightforward response: ‘focus.’ He explained that emotions are at their peak and it is the coolest rollercoaster ride.

Besides racing, drivers get some vacation time to spend with their loved ones. Muhammad asked regarding Lewis’ favorite traveling destination. As per Hamilton, Indonesia is his go-to place. He enjoys the cool vibes, friendly people, and great food.

Musician or NASA scientist?

In an alternate universe, Hamilton could have been a great musician perhaps? Hamilton revealed that he has excelled in athletics since childhood and that his love of music may have led him to a career as a singer.

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However, he also mentioned that if he were exceptionally clever and possessed a plethora of degrees, he would have worked for Nasa. We are with you Amaari, imagining Hamilton at either of the places.

Afrin enquired when Hamilton was 12 if he could take part in the STEM academy. Without a doubt, if STEM subjects were a part of Hamilton’s life when he was 12, he would have become a better engineer. Hamilton was racing and did not have the opportunities. He went on to say that STEM disciplines would have helped him become a “better driver.”

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“Music would had been a path I would have love to gone down or worked for NASA” – Lewis Hamilton shares his desire of being a musician or scientist if he would had not been an F1 driver – The SportsRush

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