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JAKARTA – Synopsis Love Bond tonight will show Mama Rosa crying in front of Andin. This happened after hearing the narrative of Mr. Sanusi regarding Roy who was called the perpetrator of immoral acts against Jessica.

Although she still doesn’t know the truth of this, Mama Rosa really hopes that the information given by Mr. Sanusi is not true. However, if this is true, Mama Rosa admits that she will apologize directly to Jessica for the mistakes her child has made.

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Meanwhile, to make amends for yelling at Andin, Aldebaran seems to surprise his wife. He was seen wearing a chef’s costume and making a special donut for his wife.

He also apologized for his mistake because he had the heart to yell at his wife regarding the alleged rape. Moreover, Andin was devastated after being yelled at and kicked out by her husband from his office.

In last night’s broadcast, Angga was seen rushing to the Prajalima Police when he heard news from his colleague regarding the attempted kidnapping of his sister. Together with Michelle, Angga was seen visiting the police station to meet Marwan, who was Iqbal’s messenger.

However, Marwan chose to call himself a member of a human trafficking syndicate. He even admitted that he chose randomly the victims he kidnapped.

However, Angga does not believe Marwan’s words. When he is contacting Al, Angga sounds suspicious that the kidnapping case of Katherine, which was thwarted by Rendi, is part of the terror of the Alfahri family.

Angga also told his colleagues to find out about the attempted kidnapping of his sister. In fact, he himself admitted that he would check the CCTV to find out the truth of Marwan’s words.

Elsewhere, Mama Rosa was seen in severe shock after hearing Mr. Sanusi’s words regarding the rape tragedy experienced by Jessica. As a child, Al immediately tried to calm his mother, although he also couldn’t be relieved after hearing the news.

Seeing her husband alone in the study, Andin immediately approached Al. However, hearing Andin who said as if to corner his sister, made Al annoyed that he even shouted at his wife.

Andin who was yelled at by her husband suddenly came out of the study and cried while walking to the room. Soon, Surya’s father was seen calling Andin because he had a bad feeling about his daughter.

Unfortunately Andin chooses to be dishonest regarding the problems he is facing with Al. This made Surya’s father and Sarah’s mother immediately rushed to Al’s residence to see firsthand the condition of their daughter.

Arriving at Al’s house, Andin tries to convince Surya’s father that he has absolutely no problems. However, Surya’s father did not easily believe Lantana saw his daughter’s movements.

That makes Al completely wrong. Because he is the one who makes his wife cry

Will Al confess to Surya’s papa if there is a conflict between his and Andin’s household regarding the news that Roy raped Jessica? Will Angga easily get information about Marwan? What was Iqbal’s motive for telling Marwan to kidnap Katherine? And is it true that Roy is the perpetrator of Jessica’s rape?

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Synopsis The Bond of Love: Apologize, Aldebaran Makes Andin Special Donuts : Okezone Celebrity

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