“He doesn’t want to tell me how much he won, he’s afraid we’ll stop taking pocket money”: the parents of cryptogamers

He doesnt want to tell me how much he won

JUntil now, things were simple. There were people who invested their money seriously and those who spent their money in the casino. The CSP+ boomers had first watched the purchases of bitcoins and other cyberbonbecs with the pitiful amusement one reserves for the second group. Everything changed when their own children dared to invest in … Read more

“A few years ago, I would have been too afraid to pass for a tight-fisted”: at Christmas, the heart on the (second) hand

A few years ago I would have been too afraid

At La Rockette Montgallet – Ressourcerie de la Petite Rockette, the shelves are always full. In Paris, December 11, 2021. ZOE CHAUVET FOR “M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE” In the organized bazaar of La Petite Rockette, around twenty people are waiting their turn at the cash desk. Young people, parents, elders… All ogling the shelves … Read more

Startling! These 4 Artists Are Not Afraid To Go To Hell, Nikita Mirzani: The Important One Is Happy : Okezone Celebrity

Startling These 4 Artists Are Not Afraid To Go To

a row Indonesian artists are not afraid of going to hell. Whereas hell is a place of torture and human misery in the afterlife. However, some celebrities in the country admit that they are not afraid to go to hell. In fact, some of them surrender to the will of God. Here, the artist who … Read more

Valeria Marini to Verissimo: “I risked losing my eye, I was afraid”

Valeria Marini to Verissimo I risked losing my eye I

Valeria Marini guest a very true tells what happened to her in the last few months talking about the severe eye disease for which it is due operate urgently. The showgirl explains what happened to her and how she gets upthe pathology led her to re-evaluate many things in her life. Read also> Nicola Pisu … Read more

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