REVIEWS: The Flaming Lips and Nell Smith didn’t put it on the album “Where the Viaduct Looms”. The generational difference and ignorance of the repertoire took the songs of Nick Cave to their charm

REVIEWS The Flaming Lips and Nell Smith didnt put it

What happens when well-deserved rockers from The Flaming Lips come together with young singer Nell Smith? Can a group in which the band is more than two and a half times older than the singer work? And will she address a girl who still has everything in front of her, the same music that her … Read more

Adele did not stop Viktor Sheen on her way to triumph in the Czech album charts

Adele did not stop Viktor Sheen on her way to

Dua Lipa continues to lead the domestic radio charts, but there was a duel of two significant innovations in the album standings. Viktor Sheen, whose music has enjoyed extraordinary popularity on streaming platforms for a long time, finally defeated the expected fourth studio film Adele with the recording “Stories and Dreams”. © Warner Music RADIO … Read more

Cesare Cremonini: Colibrì anticipates “The girl of the future”, the new album out in February

Cesare Cremonini Colibri anticipates The girl of the future the

Cesare Cremonini Hummingbird text that speaks of the fulfillment of a prophecy, in the meaning almost a work of science fiction, according to the words of the singer-songwriter who with this song anticipates the release of the new album of unreleased songs, The girl of the future. The single will be released onDecember 1 per … Read more

Waiting for the debut album Ditonellapiaga launches “Non ti perdo mai” with Fulminacci

Waiting for the debut album Ditonellapiaga launches Non ti perdo

ditonellapiaga I never lose you is the new single which sees the participation of Lightning out November 24 for Beautiful discs / BMG Italy.on digital platforms and on radio from Friday 26th November. Before talking about the new single, let’s take a step back to get to know this artist better. Margherita Carducci, in art … Read more

REVIEWS: Adele offers overwhelming testimonials and breathtaking vocal performances on the divorce album “30”

REVIEWS Adele offers overwhelming testimonials and breathtaking vocal performances on

The most painful and listener-intensive – this is the expected fourth studio play by fans and critics of British wonders. For six years of waiting for the record “30”, the singer rewards us with personal lyrics and singing moments, from which she holds her breath and holds her heart. This is Adele in top form. … Read more

REVIEW: Mirek Kemel is more smooth-sounding on the album “Vlčí stopy”, but he didn’t lose his face

REVIEW Mirek Kemel is more smooth sounding on the album Vlci

Cartoonist Mirek Kemel certainly has a lot of work to do lately. There are a lot of bad guys that can be hit by a striking drawing, and it doesn’t seem that the influx of ideas has stopped. It is therefore admirable that he also found space for music. “Wolf Tracks” is Kemel’s fourth album … Read more

The phenomenal Abba dominated the Czech album chart with the new “Voyage”, the Romanian singer Minelli reigns on the radio

The phenomenal Abba dominated the Czech album chart with the

The triumph of the hitherto little-known Minelli on domestic radio can be considered a slight surprise, but the success of the Abba group in the album charts was to be expected. The four from Stockholm, Sweden, who wrote the history of pop music in the 1970s and early 1980s, win with the novelty “Voyage”. © … Read more

Fresno Wants You to Listen to an Entire Album | Pave Music

Fresno Wants You to Listen to an Entire Album

photo by camila cornelsen “Nowadays, a guy spends two hours listening to a podcast, but he doesn’t listen to an entire album, right?”, commented Thiago Guerra, drummer for the band. Fresno, about two weeks ago in an interview with Pave Music to speak of I’ll have to turn around . Released on October 5th, the … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: “Over-nite Sensation” and “Apostrophe (‘)” or The Ideal Introduction to Frank Zappa’s Work

FAMOUS ALBUM Over nite Sensation and Apostrophe or The Ideal

It is hard to imagine a series called Famous Albums, which would not contain at least one part dedicated to Frank Zapp. Beloved, hated, admired, damned,… There are many adjectives attached to this musician. And as reductive as it is in many ways, let’s recall the “Over-nite Sensation” and “Apostrophe (‘)” records. Telling the life … Read more

Marco Mengoni: from December 3rd the new album, MATERIA (TERRA)

Marco Mengoni from December 3rd the new album MATERIA TERRA

Marco’s new album is MATERIA (TERRA) Mengoni, available from Friday 3 December for Epic Records Italy / Sony Music Italy and from today in pre-order, which comes more than two years after the multi-platinum success of Atlantico. MATERIA (TERRA) is the beginning of the musical project MATERIA, a journey in three albums to show the … Read more

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