Who is Stéphane Claireaux, the chosen one attacked by anti-sanitary passes

Who is Stephane Claireaux the chosen one attacked by anti sanitary

Stéphane Claireaux, December 19, 2017, at the National Assembly, in Paris. VINCENT ISORE/IP3 Member of Parliament assaulted on the porch of his house “It looked like stoning. » Stéphane Claireaux, MP (LRM) for Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, 57, was attacked during a demonstration organized by the association Ensemble et libre, created a few weeks earlier to oppose the … Read more

‘Famous’, the song by Kanye West with Rihanna in which he attacked Taylor Swift

Famous the song by Kanye West with Rihanna in which

One of the best-known fights in contemporary pop culture is the one between Taylor Swift Y Kanye West, two of the most important musicians in the music industry, which was immortalized in “Famous”, a song in which he participated Rihanna. This historical conflict dates back to 2009 when the memorable sabotage speech of Kanye West … Read more

In Jerusalem, the concern of Christians “attacked and intimidated”

In Jerusalem the concern of Christians attacked and intimidated

An American pilgrim visits the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City on November 30, 2021. Border restrictions taken by the Israeli government because of the Omicron variant threaten tourism to Christian holy sites. MAYA ALLERUZZO / AP As Christmas approaches, the heads of the Christian churches in Jerusalem have launched a campaign … Read more

US satellites “attacked daily”. Space Force on the intensification of rivalry with China and Russia

General David Dean Thompson, US Space Force’s deputy head of space operations, spoke to The Washington Post on the occasion of the Halifax International Security Forum conference on November 19-21. in Nova Scotia, Canada. The forum started just four days after the widely commented Russian anti-satellite missile test, which resulted in the crash of the … Read more

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