Atta and Aurel’s preparation for the birth of their baby, what is it like? : Okezone Celebrity

Atta and Aurels preparation for the birth of their baby

JAKARTA -News from the couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah often go viral in the community. Likewise, the news related to the preparation for the birth of their first child, which seemed so excited. What preparations have Atta and Aurel made to welcome the birth of their baby? Keep an eye on the news on … Read more

5 Rooms for Aurel Hermansyah’s Baby Room that are Spacious and Super Luxurious, the Changing Room beats the Mall : Okezone Celebrity

5 Rooms for Aurel Hermansyahs Baby Room that are Spacious

ATTA Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah have prepared a luxurious room for Baby AH. Yes, soon Baby AH will be born into the world. In the room, there is not only a bed, but also a bathroom for the baby. The Instagram account @urbanartind has released the design of AH’s baby room a few days ago. … Read more

From a lonely childhood to the daughter he abandoned as a baby: lights and shadows of Anthony Hopkins, the man who can’t say “I love you”

From a lonely childhood to the daughter he abandoned as

Anthony Hopkins to their 84 years and with almost 100 films shot -since the first in 1966, The White Bus, until Thor: Love and Thunder, the film that is already ready for its projection in July of this year-, Anthony Hopkins He has a clear image: that of a good-natured man, that grandfather that many … Read more

Khloe Kardashian Hits the Gym After Maralee Nichols, Mother of Tristan Thompson’s Third Baby, Posts Sexy Workout Selfie

Khloe Kardashian Hits the Gym After Maralee Nichols Mother of

KHLOE Kardashian hit the gym after the mother of Tristan Thompson’s third baby, Maralee Nichols, posted a sexy working-out selfie about six weeks after she gave birth to her son. Khloe, 37, said she was ready to “rise and shine” in an Instagram story. 5 The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum wrote, “Let’s do … Read more

The Birth of Lesti Kejora’s Baby Dinyinyirin, Rizky Billar Gives a Spicy Reply to Warganet: We’re Same Father Bro : Okezone Celebrity

The Birth of Lesti Kejoras Baby Dinyinyirin Rizky Billar Gives

READY Kejora and Rizky Billar are happy because of the birth of their first child. Unfortunately, this artist couple’s baby had to be born prematurely at 34 weeks of gestation. In the midst of their happiness, it turns out that Lesti and Billar have to accept the harsh reality of being shouted at by netizens. … Read more

Jennifer López shows off with Ben Affleck a new member of her family, has she already ordered a baby?

Jennifer Lopez shows off with Ben Affleck a new member

Great controversy generated in social networks the news of the arrival of a new member to the family of Jennifer Lopez; It was the singer herself who was in charge of making it known in her InstaStories where he surprised his followers by giving them the news, so many began to speculate if it was … Read more

Star Candidate! These 6 Baby Celebs have been crazy since birth, this is the ‘Category of Favorite Baby Celebrities’ at the 2021 Mom And Kids Awards: Okezone Celebrity

Star Candidate These 6 Baby Celebs have been crazy since

BIRTH Babies in the entertainment world make their followers always look forward to their cute behavior and adorable stories of their days. These six toddlers were nominated in the ‘Baby Celebrity Category’. These celebrity children aged 1.5 – 3 years who are always in the spotlight on social media, these adorable babies have their own … Read more

Achtung Baby: U2’s masterpiece turns 30 today. It will be celebrated like this

Achtung Baby U2s masterpiece turns 30 today It will be

U2 beyond the sound barrier. On the rubble of the monument-symbol of the Cold War, in a Berlin liberated but still inhabited by ghosts and anxieties, Bono and his associates built their latest masterpiece thirty years ago. Achtung Baby. A title that is a cry, both premonitory and hopeful. But above all the manifesto of … Read more

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