Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’: ‘White America’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Racism’

Spike Lees BlacKkKlansman White Americas Most Powerful Weapon Against Racism

The national anthem of the United States, the famous “The Star-Spangled Banner” is one of the most difficult songs to interpret regardless of whether the singer is a professional. Thus, if you are a person with normal singing aptitudes (not to say that you are not talented), then do not even try it because the … Read more

With Blackkklansman, Spike Lee tells Trump what we’re all thinking

With Blackkklansman Spike Lee tells Trump what were all thinking

Blackkklansman is a product not only of the mind of Spike Lee, but from the social context in which we find ourselves. Lee shows that we have not changed, that we are not more evolved, nor are we more tolerant, we are still the same haters always, we just know how to hide it better … Read more

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