Three-body interactions bring egoists into the collective comfort zone – even penguins

Journal Reference: A. V. Zampetaki, B. Liebchen, A. V. Ivlev, H. Löwen. Collective self-optimization of communicating active particles. PNAS, 2021 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2111142118 Penguins in the Antarctic battle against the cold and group together in order to keep each other warm. But if they stand too close together, they overheat. Consequently, there is an ideal temperature … Read more

Brazil is negotiating with SpaceX to bring Starlink internet to the Amazon

Brazil is negotiating with SpaceX to bring Starlink internet to

The Brazilian authorities and SpaceX boss Elon Musk are negotiating an agreement under which the US space and telecommunications company will provide satellite internet in the Amazon rainforest and help uncover illegal deforestation. The Brazilian government announced this week. Brazil’s Communications Minister Fábio Faria discussed a possible partnership with the Musk on Monday in Austin, … Read more

8 Recommended Movies That Bring Up the Sad Story of Sexual Harassment, Must Watch! : Okezone Celebrity

8 Recommended Movies That Bring Up the Sad Story of

SO few directors are interested in bringing up a sad story sexual harassment in the film. There are several titles that are recommended for you. Here are some films that are able to open the eyes of the audience that sexual harassment can happen anywhere and is experienced by anyone. Let’s see! 1. Hope (2013) … Read more

Mogol: «I bring the songs written with Battisti to the theater. Eternal because they touch human feelings “

Mogol I bring the songs written with Battisti to the

“Do you know why this show is born? Because life is unpredictable. One evening they invite me to Sperlonga, “come and listen to this boy singing Lucio, he is a student of Cet”. Intrigued, I go, on the other hand I can’t meet all the guys who study with us. And I was struck, apart … Read more

NOAH, Ardhito Pramono to Isyana Sarasvati, who will bring home the 24th AMI Cup : Okezone Celebrity

NOAH Ardhito Pramono to Isyana Sarasvati who will bring home

ANUGERAH The 24th Indonesian Music Awards (AMI Awards) held this year, there were 2 additional general categories and 1 special category. Many new names in the Indonesian music industry have also been nominated for AMI this year. However, senior musicians are still perched on this year’s nomination list, which means they are still working and … Read more

How a natural disaster can bring couples closer

Journal Reference: Hannah C. Williamson, Thomas N. Bradbury, Benjamin R. Karney. Experiencing a Natural Disaster Temporarily Boosts Relationship Satisfaction in Newlywed Couples. Psychological Science, 2021; 095679762110156 DOI: 10.1177/09567976211015677 The study, published this week in the journal Psychological Science, has implications for how best to help families as they navigate different types of stressors. The research … Read more

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