Editan el final de “Fight Club” en China: las autoridades ganaron

Editan el final de Fight Club en China las autoridades

China critica a Mattel por colección de Barbie olímpica 1:03 Hong Kong/Beijing (CNN Business) — Más de dos décadas después de su lanzamiento, “Fight Club” ha tenido un final muy diferente en China, y esta vez, las autoridades ganaron. Los seguidores chinos del clásico de culto de David Fincher se enfurecieron durante el fin de … Read more

Studies of endangered animals on border of China and Vietnam stress need for transboundary conservation

Journal Reference: Hai Ngoc Ngo, Huy Quoc Nguyen, Tien Quang Phan, Truong Quang Nguyen, Laurenz R. Gewiss, Dennis Rödder, Thomas Ziegler. Modeling the environmental refugia of the endangered Lichtenfelder’s Tiger Gecko (Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi) towards implementation of transboundary conservation. Frontiers of Biogeography, 2022; 14 (1) DOI: 10.21425/F5FBG51167 “Biodiversity is undergoing dramatic loss on the global level, … Read more

Rocket ‘HITS moon’ at 5,800mph but China denies responsibility for space junk

Rocket ‘HITS moon at 5800mph but China denies responsibility for

AN OUT-OF-CONTROL rocket part the size of a school bus has likely smashed into the Moon’s surface by now. According to astronomers, a rocket booster was set to hit the lunar surface at around 7.25am ET (12:25 GMT) after spending nearly eight years tumbling through space. It was likely the first time a manmade object … Read more

Archaeologists discover innovative 40,000-year-old culture in China

Journal Reference: Fa-Gang Wang, Shi-Xia Yang, Jun-Yi Ge, Andreu Ollé, Ke-Liang Zhao, Jian-Ping Yue, Daniela Eugenia Rosso, Katerina Douka, Ying Guan, Wen-Yan Li, Hai-Yong Yang, Lian-Qiang Liu, Fei Xie, Zheng-Tang Guo, Ri-Xiang Zhu, Cheng-Long Deng, Francesco d’Errico, Michael Petraglia. Innovative ochre processing and tool use in China 40,000 years ago. Nature, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-022-04445-2 A … Read more

Global Launch System Payload Arianespace, Blue Origin, China Aerospace Science and Technology, Eurockot Launch Services – corporate ethos

Global Launch System Payload Arianespace Blue Origin China Aerospace Science

The current MarketQuest.biz survey report, titled Global Launch System Payload Market from 2021 to 2027, provides data and numbers on market structure and size. The purpose of this study is to provide an in-depth analysis of the market trends and growth in order to develop effective strategies for outperforming the worldwide Launch System Payload market. … Read more

Omikron niet te bestrijden, behalve in China – Zerocovidbeleid Beijing bedreigt herstel wereldeconomie – Foodlog

Omikron niet te bestrijden behalve in China Zerocovidbeleid Beijing

Het Corona-effect van 9 februari 2022, de Foodlog-selectie van het coronanieuws uit de (inter)nationale pers. Het Corona-effect belicht scheuren in de voedselketen, sporen van nieuwe voedselsystemen en het ‘nieuwe gezond’. Hier vind je onze voorgaande selecties, in Gespot onze dagelijkse newsroom. China’s zero-covidbeleid kan met het oog op de toenemende omikron-besmettingen een bedreiging vormen voor … Read more

They edit the ending of ‘Fight Club’ in China. And this time the authorities won, infuriating viewers – KESQ

They edit the ending of Fight Club in China And

Melissa Velasquez Loaiza Hong Kong/Beijing (CNN Business) – More than two decades after its release, “Fight Club” has met a very different ending in China, and this time, the authorities won. Chinese fans of David Fincher’s cult classic were furious over the weekend when they noted that a version of the film available on popular … Read more

The China of the only child in the eyes of Youqine Lefèvre

The China of the only child in the eyes of

By Roxana Azimi Posted today at 6:00 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers In images, in picturesAdopted by a Belgian family in 1994, the photographer was one of hundreds of thousands of Chinese little girls abandoned by their parents because of the one-child policy. At the end of the 2010s, she returned to China to understand … Read more

“Is the European Union showing the same naivety with Vietnam as with China twenty years ago?” “

Is the European Union showing the same naivety with Vietnam

Chronic. “Trade policy can be a force for good. “ It is in these terms that Phil Hogan, then European Commissioner for Trade, welcomes with a touch of bombast, in July 2020, the entry into force of the free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Vietnam. This so-called “new generation” agreement, the first … Read more

Marketing of data: “With a billion Internet users, China would see itself outweighing the Americans”

Marketing of data With a billion Internet users China would

On November 25, a special kind of stock exchange opened in Shanghai. We do not exchange actions, but data. Telecoms operators, an airline, an e-commerce giant, an electricity supplier, a bank, a geolocation application… About twenty companies have, from day one, put their data on this market. About a hundred companies are in the loop, … Read more

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