‘Winter is coming’ – Politicians don’t make choices, risk of contamination in airplane limited

Winter is coming Politicians dont make choices risk of

“I can taste a lot of irritation. Scientists notice that politicians only try to save what can be saved and do not want to make tough decisions,” science editor and corona journalist Maarten Keulemans told de Volkskrant (4.1). “They are working on the transition from 3G to 2G, or the catering industry has to close … Read more

«Twelve Notes Only 2022», Claudio Baglioni’s new tour is coming: 56 dates throughout Italy

Twelve Notes Only 2022 Claudio Baglionis new tour is coming

«The music, the humanity’s most powerful social network, it helps to find and unite, and to make the future a beautiful, bright, open house and finally worthy of being inhabited ». Here is the definition of music of Claudio Baglioni, ready, after the forced stop due to the covid, to return to excite millions of … Read more

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