New, nature-inspired concepts for turning CO2 into clean fuels

Journal References: Esther Edwardes Moore, Samuel J. Cobb, Ana Margarida Coito, Ana Rita Oliveira, Inês A. C. Pereira, Erwin Reisner. Understanding the local chemical environment of bioelectrocatalysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022; 119 (4): e2114097119 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2114097119 Cobb, S.J., Badiani, V.M., Dharani, A.M. et al. Fast CO2 hydration kinetics impair heterogeneous but … Read more

Concepts of extraterrestrial missions to match higher ambitions. POLSA selected the contractors

Among those indicated on November 10 this year contractors of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) were both enterprises and research and development centers, mainly within the notified target consortia. The indicated topics of implementation are divided into parts – from I to IV, corresponding to: scientific missions in the field of observational astronomy, celestial body … Read more

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