REVIEW: The book “What does this button do?” is an honest and witty confession from Bruce Dickinson

REVIEW The book What does this button do is an

Many memoirs show signs of incompleteness and contain a lot of inaccuracies. Especially those without authorization of who they are talking about. Memoir “What does this button do?” it’s much better. It was written by the frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden himself and he wrote it the way he feels and, moreover, without big-mouthed … Read more

Pity! Vanessa Angel’s Cousin Sister Makes An Unpleasant Confession, A Friend of the Late Spicy Commentary : Okezone Celebrity

Pity Vanessa Angels Cousin Sister Makes An Unpleasant Confession A

NEWS unexpectedly came back from the extended family of the late Vanessa Angel. Suddenly, the figure of Tya who claimed to be a cousin of the late Vanessa revealed the rift in his household with Bibi. Through an interview uploaded on the Cumicumi Youtube channel some time ago, Tya admitted that the mother of Gala … Read more

3 Facts about Henny Rahman’s feud with Larissa Chou to Ria Ricis, Private Confession on IG Leaks Revealed by Netizens : Okezone Celebrity

3 Facts about Henny Rahmans feud with Larissa Chou to

USAI The uproar of the feud with Zikry Daulay and Larissa Chou, now Henny Rahman is back into a public conversation. In the past, he had a feud with Ria Ricis and now the issue has been brought up again. At that time, Henny, who was still the wife of Zikry Daulay, seemed jealous of … Read more

Anthony Hopkins’ unusual confession about “The Silence of the Innocents”

Anthony Hopkins unusual confession about The Silence of the Innocents

The Silence of the Innocents, a key film about the murder More than 30 years after the premiere of The silence of the inocents, a unusual interview by Anthony Hopkins where he talked about iconic films of his career. The actor had chatted with the journalist Alexis Puig in 2014 and, in the fragment that … Read more

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