Russia and NATO note their disagreements, without ruling out continuing their discussions

Russia and NATO note their disagreements without ruling out continuing

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after a NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels, January 12, 2022. OLIVER MATTHYS / AP It was necessary to look for it with attention, but there was indeed “A positive signal”, in the words of the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, during the NATO-Russia Council which was held on Wednesday … Read more

Burma: jewelry brands accused of indirectly financing the junta by continuing to sell rubies mined in the country

Burma jewelry brands accused of indirectly financing the junta by

A ruby ​​miner in a tunnel in the Mogok mine, north of Mandalay (Burma), in May 2019. YE AUNG THU / AFP As Burma sinks into the political and humanitarian crisis, the British NGO Global Witness accuses, in a report published on December 15, several major jewelry brands indirectly finance, through the purchase of Burmese … Read more

I appreciate continuing to work: Anthony Hopkins

I appreciate continuing to work Anthony Hopkins

THE ANGELS. Accustomed to awards, Anthony Hopkins has a special place in his home with the different Oscar or Emmy trophies he has achieved. He has also garnered new SAG Screen Actors Guild or Golden Globe nominations. But the Toronto International Film Festival Tribute Actor Award, which he just received, was special, because he dedicated … Read more

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