Crime of Cogne, the documentary that reconstructs the murder of little Samuele arrives on Sky

Crime of Cogne the documentary that reconstructs the murder of

A still unsolved mystery, open questions to which the investigators have never been able to give an answer. Exactly 20 years after crime of Cogne, one of the most heinous cases of infanticide in the crime news, a documentary reconstructs the events that led to the death of little Samuele Lorenzi, found dead in his … Read more

Cambodia: in Sihanoukville, the “forbidden cities” of Chinese organized crime

Cambodia in Sihanoukville the forbidden cities of Chinese organized crime

By Brice Pedroletti Posted today at 4:29 p.m., updated at 4:58 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationA major beneficiary of the new Silk Roads, Cambodia also inherited their deleterious effects, such as Sihanoukville which attracts major projects but also illegal casinos that look like forced labor camps. Cambodians call it “Chinatown”: eleven bars of eleven … Read more

The Spanish Church reluctant to lift the veil on child crime within it

The Spanish Church reluctant to lift the veil on child

The silence and opacity which, in Spain, envelop the pedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church – and probably explain the limited number of cases recorded in the kingdom compared to its neighbors -, begin to chip away. While the Spanish Episcopal Conference (EEC) strongly opposes the idea of ​​creating an independent commission as France or … Read more


Anger begets more anger This, which in a moment of clear narrative specificity is enunciated by a character with a violent disposition, ends up expressing with great precision the thesis of this caustic, cynical, sardonic and very entertaining film, the most recent so far of the also ironic and charismatic stupid English filmmaker Martin McDonagh … Read more

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