Albert without Charlene at the Prince’s Day: this might be a detail for you

Albert without Charlene at the Princes Day this might be

Princess Caroline of Hanover, Prince Jacques, Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie celebrate Monaco’s National Day, at the Monaco Palace, on November 19, 2021. ERIC GAILLARD/POOL/AFP The hymn to joy Watch as they are having a blast. Last week, in Monaco, the princely family in full force, or almost – the absence of Princess Charlene, … Read more

Solomon Islands: third day of riots, a curfew imposed in the capital

Solomon Islands third day of riots a curfew imposed in

Screen capture from video showing riots in Solomon Islands capital Honiara on November 25, 2021. CHARLEY’S PLATE / AP The capital of the Solomon Islands is now placed under curfew for an indefinite period. The measure came into effect Friday, November 26 in Honiara after a third day of riots in the city. During the … Read more

Jeff Goldblum confirms that his most famous line on Independence Day is a nod to Jurassic Park | Tomatazos

Jeff Goldblum confirms that his most famous line on Independence

Jeff Goldblum is a longtime Hollywood actor and fans are always glad to hear about him. One of his most famous films is, without a doubt, Independence Day – 60%, a piece that celebrates July 4 and also includes one of the most famous lines in the actor’s career. During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment … Read more

National Book Day. Ten artists indicate what they are reading

National Book Day Ten artists indicate what they are reading

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Aaaah, the books… this little bundle of stacked leaves, fragrant, whose collection of rationally organized words transports us to the depths of our battered soul! For lovers of these heaps (paper or bytes, if you are into e-books) today is a special day. On October 28th we celebrate National … Read more

Baby teeth may one day help identify kids at risk for mental disorders later in life

Journal Reference: Rebecca V. Mountain, Yiwen Zhu, Olivia R. Pickett, Alexandre A. Lussier, Jill M. Goldstein, Joshua L. Roffman, Felicitas B. Bidlack, Erin C. Dunn. Association of Maternal Stress and Social Support During Pregnancy With Growth Marks in Children’s Primary Tooth Enamel. JAMA Network Open, 2021; 4 (11): e2129129 DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.29129 The results of this … Read more

Heroes’ Day, These 7 Beautiful Artists Have Warrior Blood, Dian Sastro and Celine Evangelista : Okezone Celebrity

Heroes Day These 7 Beautiful Artists Have Warrior Blood Dian

Hero’s Day commemorated every 10 November. Among Indonesian artists, it turns out that there are some who have warrior blood. Call it Dian Sastrowardoyo who is the grandson of Sunario Sastrowardoyo’s nephew. Then Celine Evangelista’s great-grandfather was H. Fadeli Luran. Furthermore, here are 7 beautiful artists who have warrior blood which will be reviewed in … Read more

Film & Arts: The biographical documentaries of Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day Lewis and Gary Cooper, starting Thursday, November 11 at 9:00 p.m.

Film Arts The biographical documentaries of Anthony Hopkins Daniel

When the standard is exceeded, in terms of quality, and this becomes a personal norm from the development and execution of the work, it is time who is in charge of putting things in their place, in such a way that, although for the academies and institutions such performance may or may not conform to … Read more

Carlo Verdone to “Domenica In”: “That day on the set I lost my father’s faith …”

Carlo Verdone to Domenica In That day on the set

Carlo Verdone guest of Mara Venier a Sunday In its RaiUno. Carlo Verdone is the protagonist of a series about his life on the streaming channel Prime Video, “Life as a Carlo“:” The story starts – the actor revealed – since they asked me to run for Mayor of Rome “ Carlo Verdone by Mara … Read more

Jerry Calà to “Today is another day”, the live message from Mara Venier

Jerry Cala to Today is another day the live message

«Mara is my greatest friend, also yesterday we were together for dinner ». Jerry Calà a ‘Today is another day’ talks about his relationship with Mara Venier, his ex-wife. The host of Domenica In wanted to send a video message to the Rai 1 program in which she said: “We are the proof that after … Read more

Anthony Hopkins’ TikTok is the best way to brighten your day

Anthony Hopkins TikTok is the best way to brighten your

Evening StandardGetty Images Anthony Hopkins is the best of TikTok and here we prove it. One of the best decisions one can make in this life is give “follow” to Esquire’s Instagram profile. If you are still one of the unlucky ones who hasn’t, you won’t have started Friday morning like this: This content is … Read more

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