More plasticizers due to more food delivery – 8 million tons annually – harmful? – Food log

More plasticizers due to more food delivery 8 million

You can worry about everything these days, now that daily life is again imposed all kinds of adjustments and Glasgow has failed. Phthalates in the hamburger box are probably not for most people now top of mind. Wrongly, because these ‘forever chemicals’ enter the food chain in increasing amounts. They are ‘permanent’ and if left … Read more

Polymer-coated nanoparticles to promote drug delivery to the brain

Journal Reference: Jean-Michel Rabanel, Jimmy Faivre, Charlotte Zaouter, Shunmoogum A. Patten, Xavier Banquy, Charles Ramassamy. Nanoparticle shell structural cues drive in vitro transport properties, tissue distribution and brain accessibility in zebrafish. Biomaterials, 2021; 277: 121085 DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.121085 In their recentstudy, the team demonstrated the effectiveness of a specific polymer with zwitterion properties. These molecules are … Read more

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