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Virgin Orbit to demonstrate air launch flexibility on upcoming mission

ORLANDO, Fla. — Virgin Orbit is preparing to launch a set of smallsats as both a demonstration of the flexibility of its air-launch system and its ability to increase its cadence of launches. Virgin Orbit’s next LauncherOne mission, called “Above the Clouds” by the company, is now scheduled for Jan. 13 after a one-day delay … Read more

Scientists demonstrate a novel rocket for deep-space exploration

Journal Reference: J. Simmonds, Y. Raitses. Mitigation of breathing oscillations and focusing of the plume in a segmented electrode wall-less Hall thruster. Applied Physics Letters, 2021; 119 (21): 213501 DOI: 10.1063/5.0070307 The miniaturized system powered by plasma — the state of matter composed of free-floating electrons and atomic nuclei, or ions — measures little more … Read more

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