Russia and NATO note their disagreements, without ruling out continuing their discussions

Russia and NATO note their disagreements without ruling out continuing

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after a NATO-Russia Council meeting in Brussels, January 12, 2022. OLIVER MATTHYS / AP It was necessary to look for it with attention, but there was indeed “A positive signal”, in the words of the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, during the NATO-Russia Council which was held on Wednesday … Read more

Before the summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, tense discussions on Taiwan independence

Before the summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping tense

Pro-democracy demonstration in Taipei, September 2019. SAM YEH / AFP The planned summit between China and the United States has not started but hostilities have already started. Beijing and Washington exchanged stern warnings about Taiwan on Saturday, November 13, before a virtual summit scheduled for Monday between Presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. In an … Read more

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