What makes you buy a fashion magazine? – Fashionism

What makes you buy a fashion magazine Fashionism

In June 2015 I wrote this post here: “the way we consume fashion is changing” and, modesty aside, it was a premonition for many issues that affect us in terms of fashion, whether content consumption or purchase. In other words, with the advent of social networks, everything changes in an increasingly fleeting way and nothing … Read more

Breastfeeding: my story, silicone nipples and lessons learned – Fashionism

Breastfeeding my story silicone nipples and lessons learned Fashionism

This is probably the most important post I’ve ever written here on the blog. It’s the post that causes me the most emotion. (more than post delivery), memory, pain, struggle. It’s a post about resilience. Talking about breastfeeding is difficult, it is personal, but necessary and important, I wish I had read a report like … Read more

Black Friday Sephora: 10 products worth the “investment”! – Fashionism

Black Friday Sephora 10 products worth the investment Fashionism

Every Black Friday is always the same, a thousand possibilities, a discount war, a list in hand, but sometimes it’s so much – and not always so much money hehehelp – that we get lost at the hour! With that, exercising in a healthy way the act of influencing and, as usual: I made a … Read more

Maternity Special: End of pregnancy and childbirth! – Fashionism

Maternity Special End of pregnancy and childbirth Fashionism

And finally, 1 year later, I’m talking about pregnancy and childbirth again! Maria Eduarda is 1 year and 10 days old and just now I decided to post here about I don’t know, but during pregnancy I made posts and podcasts about the 1st and 20th trimester of pregnancy here but, for obvious reasons, the … Read more

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