Fedez giudice di X-Factor 2022, l’annuncio ufficiale: «Si torna a casa»

Fedez giudice di X Factor 2022 lannuncio ufficiale Si torna a

Fedez sarà uno dei giudici di XFactor 2022: torna al tavolo uno dei nomi che hanno fatto la storia dello show. Nell’edizione 2022 Fedez è pronto a indossare i panni di giudice di X Factor e mentore per i ragazzi in gara per il sesto anno, dopo aver preso parte alle 5 … Read more

After the dissing of Marracash in “Cosplayer” Fedez responds on social networks

After the dissing of Marracash in Cosplayer Fedez responds on

In the lyrics of a song on the new album by Marracash, We, them, the others, sparked the controversy. It is about Cosplayer, song that, within several verses, seems to refer to the colleague Fedez. Many have identified them in these for example: God save me from comedies, from cosplayersFrom those who marry the cause … Read more

Fedez trolls Italian journalists … his descent into politics is a colossal marketing campaign for “Inhuman”

Fedez trolls Italian journalists his descent into politics is a

Fedez shows himself the usual marketing genius and a few weeks ago he started the promotional campaign for his new album, Inhuman. After announcing the release of the disc (see who) with a lot of tracklist, cover and duets, the artist had fun trolling the Italian press (or perhaps to demonstrate how much it is … Read more

“To die to die” opens the chapter “Inhuman” by Fedez. In the video the artist beaten and killed by haters, politicians and priests

To die to die opens the chapter Inhuman by Fedez

Fedez To die to die text. After surprisingly announcing the release of his new album, Inhuman, arriving on November 26, equally surprising Fedez launched the song that opens this new recording project, To die to die. And so after a romantic ballad dedicated to his wife, Better than cinema, it is the turn of a … Read more

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