In the Gulf, French values ​​up for auction

In the Gulf French values ​​up for auction

Editorial of the “World”. Emmanuel Macron is visiting particularly infertile lands for the values ​​that France prides itself on defending. Of the three stages involved in his trip to the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Saudi Kingdom, three authoritarian monarchies long allied with France, the last is undoubtedly the most delicate. … Read more

Post-Brexit fishing: 40 licenses granted by Guernsey to French boats

Post Brexit fishing 40 licenses granted by Guernsey to French boats

Demonstration by fishermen against an offshore wind farm project, in the port of Cherbourg, September 24, 2021. SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP The announcement comes in the midst of a standoff between Paris and London over post-Brexit fishing licenses, the French government blaming the British for granting too few. Guernsey granted, Wednesday 1is December, 40 fishing … Read more

Measures against death French farmers – ‘Sentinels’ and €12 million a year to prevent suicide – Foodlog

Measures against death French farmers Sentinels and E12 million

French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie is making an additional €12 million a year available until 2025 to prevent suicide among farmers. That is an increase of the existing available resources by 40%. “Throughout the coronavirus crisis, it has been farmers who have enabled the country to sustain itself,” Denormandie said last week. “Thanks to them, … Read more

Bound sauce is made just like wallpaper paste – Who discovered the thick sauce: Italians, Spaniards, French or the common man? – Food log

Bound sauce is made just like wallpaper paste Who

Now that the festivities are slowly approaching, maybe it’s a good start to think about the sauce? For some reason, Europeans have developed a passion for thick sauces. A sauce should be thick. The intention is that you ‘nap’ the food with a moist seasoning, in other words that the sauce does not immediately seep … Read more

La Haine: The French classic turns 25 and is as valid as in its premiere

La Haine The French classic turns 25 and is as

Photo: Canal + Hate It is 25 years old and today it seems more current than ever in its political, ideological and visibility objectives. Released in 1995, this French film whose title was translated as Hatred, tells the whole day of three friends belonging to the Parisian suburbs. Meanwhile Abdel, another friend, is in a … Read more

Five child psychiatrists alert: “France persists in letting French children waste away in Syrian camps”

Five child psychiatrists alert France persists in letting French children

Tribune. For almost three, four or five years, two hundred French children have been prisoners, with their mothers, in camps in northeastern Syria. Some were born in these camps; almost all of them entered when they were less than 6 years old. These children live in makeshift tents, surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, … Read more

Fishing licenses: before his meeting with Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson considers the French threats “completely unjustified”

Fishing licenses before his meeting with Emmanuel Macron Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson greets French President Emmanuel Macron in Rome during the G20 summit on October 30, 2021. KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH / AP The meeting promises to be intense. While Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are due to see each other on Sunday, and London summoned French Ambassador Catherine Colonna on Friday, the tension … Read more

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